Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Ten Friday

Most days I catch something either on TV, the Internet, or in my life in general that makes me say, “you’ve got to be kidding me!” So for this reason and this reason alone I am creating Top Ten Friday. Each and every Friday I will bring another exciting top ten list to my blog for you to laugh at, cry at, or say “WTF, did that really just happen?” Most of the things in these lists have really happened…not necessarily to me, but they have happened!

So here is my first installment of Top Ten Friday…You’re welcome!

Top ten things men should never say on a first date

10. My favorite movies are porno movies from the late 70's

9. I don't know how long I have been divorced, hang on, I'll check my divorce papers.

8. I forgot my wallet.

7. Do you know how much you will have to run to burn off the calories in those mashed potatos you are eating?

6. Just updating my Twitter on how our date is going.

5. Normally I don't date women like you.

4. I know it is only October, but will you be my date to my office Christmas Party?

3. My ex went psycho on me.

2. I had a great time. I will call you. (mind you, these two statements are ok under normal circumstances, but when your date says them to you as he is leaving you stranded at the back of the dark, creepy tow lot to pick up your car that was parked illegally at his's just not right.)

And the number one thing a man should never say on a first date...

1. Fine...if you don't want a foot massage, then you should just leave!

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