Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I sing great in the shower

First, let me tell you that this title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. The reason it is titled “I sing great in the shower” is because I am tired of my lame ass blog titles. I am going to spice things up from here on out and just type in the first thing that comes to my mind when posting. And this one is titled “I sing great in the shower” because one Mr. Michael Buble and myself sang a kick ass duet this morning in the shower. It was so good, I wish I would have recorded it and let you take a quick listen…but I didn’t…so “to bad, so sad, missed out on what you coulda had “(quote used religiously, by my friend Sheila, when talking about the losers I date).

Anywho…this post is really about my favorite things for fall, ala Oprah Winfrey. And as I was writing this post yesterday a strange thing happened to me…ok, not necessarily strange, but awesome! As you all know, I have not made very good decisions in my life as of late…what decisions, you may ask? Ha! Ha! You will never know…needless to say…they have been poor. And I was really down on myself when low and behold my great friend Jane pulls up at work to check on me. I was so floored that she just took the time out of her day to come and cheer me up. I have to say when she first walked in it reminded me of a moment earlier in the week when my youngest fell down and got hurt. He was ok until he made eye contact with me. Once our eyes connected, he cried unconsolably for a couple of minutes. Embarassingly enough, that is how I was when Jane walked in…I was fine until she hugged me and then I cried like a baby while she just continued to hug me…she knew exactly what I needed at that moment, and I will NEVER ever forget that.

So first things first…FRIENDS are my number one, top of the list, favorite things about Fall…well anytime of the year, but I am especially reminded of this in the Fall. It was a great reminder that no matter how good of a friend I am...they are always there to support me and scrape me off the ground when I need it. I cherish my girls, you know who you are, and I hope to mention you all by name one day in the acknowledgement section of my first book”.

Back on track…Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year with a close second being Spring. The cool days and crisp nights send such a chill up my spine. I love bon fires, hay rides, the headless horseman, and the pumpkin patch. And nothing beats sleeping in flanel pajamas with the windows open, college football, or chili cook-offs. So to honor my favorite time of the year in ways that only Oprah can do justice, here is a list of my favorite things for fall. And just to be clear in the beginning…there will be NO cars given out with this post!

My favorite outfit includes:

This sweater

And these William Rast jeans

Covered up with this Bomber Jacket

While rocking this necklace

And this ring

Carrying this bag

While rocking my kick ass favorite fall outfit I would be enjoying my favorite fall pastimes, which include but aren’t limited to:

Bobbing for these

Jumping in these

Picking these

While sipping this

Once my perfect fall day has come to an end, I would definitely come home and put on these

Wrap myself in this (yes Jane, I do have one)

And snuggle up on the couch with him

Ahhhhhh….I love fall!


  1. Mr. Michael Buble and myself had a kick ass duet the other night while cooking supper. I usually don't rock Buble but my sister was helping. ;)

  2. I'm actually the same way Shane...I rarely listen to him...but the mood struck!



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