Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google me this...google me that

Because I still haven’t recovered from my little…ahem…incident a couple of weekends ago, I decided not to push my brain to the point of explosion by trying to come up with a creative, funny blog post. Instead I am going to attempt another little “meme”…because I know you all want to know more about me. If not, don’t tell me because I’m a little sensitive right now and might not be able to handle that kind of rejection…just play along with it and act like you like me…I beg you!

Basically the goal of this little exercise is to type into Google what it says to type in and let your best friend, Mr. Computer, tell you all of the important details of your life. Hopefully this is funny…if not, I apologize ahead of time because I am posting it…whether it is funny or not!

1.Type in “(your name) needs” in Google search.

Julie needs to go for cotton styles with a bit of structure rather than anything to flimsy.

This answer is ironic considering “my favorite things for fall” post and I believe my style choices fit this to a “T”…thank God, I’ve finally done something right!

2.Type in “(your name) looks like” in Google search.

Julie looks like an oriental version of Jane Fonda.

Hmmm…I don’t know if this is a compliment or not…either way, I am going to take it as a compliment because if I don’t I might just cry.

3.Type in “(your name) says” in Google search.

When Julie says she loves me she is covering up my wounds.

Obviously they have mistaken me for someone else…other than my kids and family, I haven’t told anyone I love them for a very long time. Wounds, what wounds…suck it up people!

4.Type in “(your name) wants” in Google search

Julie wants you to check out her photo in MySpace

Let me just say, “Whoa”…I DID NOT POST THAT PHOTO it said that I wanted you all to check out!

5.Type in “(your name) hates” in Google search

Julie hates just what she doesn’t know

Interesting…and true! I hate that I don’t know what my future looks like…kudos to my friend, Mr. Computer…you got it spot on!

6.Type in “(your name) does” in Google search

Julie does not work well with idiots.

Not gonna argue about this one!

7.Type in “(your name) asks” in Google search

Julie asks Jean to kiss her hand

I have never been out with a guy named Jean, but my hunch is that if I did go out with a guy named Jean and he asked me for a kiss at the end of the date…I would probably ask him to kiss my hand to avoid lip to lip contact…I’m just saying!

8.Type in “(your name) likes” in Google search

Julie likes to dable in Flash

Hmmmm….wonder what this means…flash photography, flashing, flash floods……Flash photography; I need to figure out how to use it better, flashing; never done it, but not opposed to it in my current state of mind, flash floods; hey if it prevents me from going to work…I’m all for it.

9.Type in “(your name) eats” in Google search

Julie eats a whole fish

Nope…again, not me…my new best friend, Mr. Computer, must have me confused with someone else. A whole bag of chips, a whole bag of cookies, a whole gallon of ice cream…now that sounds like me…but a whole fish…no way!

10.Type in “your name) wears” in Google search

Julie wears a thong to her Hollywood power lunch.

This actually sounds like a dream/nightmare that I can’t wake up from…you know, kind of like the dream where you go to school naked…oh wait, you have never had that dream…, oh wow, how embarrassing for me!

11.Type in “(your name) was arrested for” in Google search

Julie was arrested for forcing boy, to unclog toilet with his hands

I swear people, Gibson really does like cleaning the toilets…this headline is not true!

12.Type in “(your name) loves” in Google search

Julie loves you

So true! I love all my blogaristas that get a kick out of my sad, pathetic, sometimes funny life! And I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end this post!

Love you guys!

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