Friday, October 2, 2009

Life Lesson #1

When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a grown up. I was intrigued by all of the things that adults got to do. I used to get excited after every year that went by because it was just another year closer to me being an adult. Ironically, now that I am an adult, all I wish for is to go back in time when life was so much simpler, a life where I didn’t have to make any decisions, a life where people were there to look out for me.

Isn’t it ironic how quick we wish to be children again once we hit the adult years? Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and still have many things that I want to and am looking forward to accomplishing, but my life as a child was vastly different than it is now. When I was a child I basically got to do whatever I wanted to, well…within reason anyway. I played with my friends all day long. I never had to worry about having to work…life was stress free. All I had to worry about were my friends and when my favorite cartoons were on.

Now, as an adult I have many more responsibilities and worry constantly about what is on the news and what the future may hold for my children. I don’t have all of the freedom that as a child I thought adults had. There are a lot more expectations on me as an adult, parent, sister, friend and daughter than I ever could have imagined.

So my advice to you…go out and have fun with your kids, if you don't have kids, have fun with your nieces and nephews, the neighborhood kids, sick kids at a local me, any child will do. Get down on the floor and play barbies with them, take them on a bike ride, play football in the back yard with them…even if they do tell you that they think you would be a better cheerleader than football player. It doesn’t matter…ALWAYS look at life through the eyes of small children and I guarantee you that you will walk around with a smile on your face!

LIFE LESSON #1: Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child.

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