Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Love

Ever since my divorce (5 years ago) I have dreaded not only Valentine’s Day, but the entire month of February. It seems that Valentine’s Day is more and more being celebrated the entire month of February instead of just the 14th. Maybe that’s just my outlook because I am single and don’t really have anyone to share this holiday with or maybe its consumerism. Either way, I’m taking the bull by the horns this year and making an effort to purposely jump on the media’s Valentine’s Day bandwagon. But I refuse to do it in the typical fashion of love, hearts, chocolate, balloons, lingerie, singing telegrams, roses, pajama grams, or jewelry.

Oh no, not me. This year I’m going to be unique, and I hope my blogging buddies will join in the fun. For the month of February, I have created my own little Project Love.

And the answer is NO to those of you wondering if this is going to be anything like VH1’s Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. I can promise you there will be no fake boobs, hookers, cat fights, stripper heals, string bikini’s or fake nails anywhere near this project.

Anywho…I’m using Project Love as a reminder that I don’t have to have a significant other in my life to enjoy this month. My goal, with Project Love is to write about all aspects of love and relationships, from the good to the bad to the ugly, each day…kind of celebrating love in a different way.

So here’s my plan. Each day of the month, yes, even Saturday’s and Sunday’s, I will be writing on a different “type” of love. And to make it easy for those bloggers that want to join in the fun, below is a list of the “love topic of the day” for each day in February, starting on Monday the first.

Project Love: Topics for Discussion.

PL Day #1 Tired of love
PL Day #2 The game of love
PL Day #3 Love comes and goes
PL Day #4 To young to love
PL Day #5 How do I love thee, let me count the ways
PL Day #6 It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
PL Day #7 Love the 2nd time around
PL Day #8 A face only a mother could love
PL Day #9 Love affair
PL Day #10 Love at first sight
PL Day #11 Swept away
PL Day #12 Love conquers all
PL Day #13 Lost in love
PL Day #14 Valentine’s Day is for lovers
PL Day #15 Hardened to love
PL Day #16 Love is in the air
PL Day #17 Falling in love
PL Day #18 Sea of love
PL Day #19 Love is the answer
PL Day #20 Fools in love
PL Day #21 Tunnel of love
PL Day #22 Love letter
PL Day #23 Unlucky in love
PL Day #24 Crazy in love
PL Day #25 Waiting for love
PL Day #26 Fools in love
PL Day #27 Love hurts
PL Day #28 Ready for love

Now that the hard part, the brainstorming, is done…all you have to do is post articles, pictures, poems, love notes…whatever comes to mind, on these particular topics each day in the month of February.

And because I’m just a cool chick, I have decided to even create a super duper cool daily sign off, for Project Love, with the motto that has summed up my love life in the past five years,

Love is a Battlefield.

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  1. This looks like this will be fun. I may have to join you on some of these articles.



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