Thursday, January 7, 2010

The classic that is George Clooney makes me want to wear red lipstick

Life is about choice! It took me many years to really understand this lesson, but I think it has finally sunk in, and I’m only 38! It is a concept that I try to teach my kids everyday…but they just don’t get it. They struggle to understand that most of the time choice involves something good and something not so good, like green beans or broccoli or doing your homework now or doing your homework in an hour. It’s not like life is full of choices that involve suckers and tootsie rolls.

My kids and I play what we call the “Choice” game a lot, especially when we are sitting down and eating together. We used to play “Truth or Dare”, until the day when I chose dare and I had to stand out on the back porch and yell at the top of my lungs “I’m the king of the world” while pounding my chest. Not to embarrassing, right? WRONG! Very embarrassing based on the fact that my kids locked me out and I was stuck staring awakwardly at the neighbors across the backyard who were having a cook out that day.

Our choices in life are what make up our paths. In other words…had I chosen truth in the scenario up above I might have had to answer something like, “do you like Zach and Cody or iCarly better.” I know…boring, right? That’s why I chose dare, which ended up only making me look like a complete idiot in front of my new neighbors. Hmmmm… maybe that is why I wasn’t invited to the “get to know our neighbors” party they threw a couple of weeks later.

Soooooo, just to clear things up, I choose Zach and Cody over iCarley…but if “watching nothing” were a third choice, I would definitely choose that.

I choose ice cream over cake, I choose sleep over exercise, I choose texting over phone calls, I choose George Clooney over Brad Pitt, I choose Hawaii over Cancun, I choose high heels over flats, I choose designer jeans over cheap jeans, I choose art over science, I choose tulips over roses, I choose slow over fast , I choose movies over books, I choose San Fransisco over San Antonio, I choose tea over coffee, I choose soup over salad, I choose everyone over Ann Coulter, I choose star reading (like People Magazine and US Weekly) over star gazing, I choose doctor visits over dentist visits, I choose humor over looks, I choose football over basketball, I choose inner beauty over outer beauty, I choose manicures over massages, I choose dogs over cats, I choose writing over talking, I choose heat over snow, I choose relationships over dating, I choose salsa over ketchup, I choose the Oscars over the Grammys, I choose French fries over vegetables, I choose Boot Camp over running, I choose Glee over any other show on television, I choose sleeping in late over going to bed early, I choose coke over pepsi, I choose Sixteen Candles over Breakfast Club, I choose Thanksgiving over Christmas, I choose half full over half empty, I choose mistakes made over missed chances, I choose wine over beer, I choose late nights over early mornings, I choose sunsets over sunrises, I choose ocean over mountains, I choose driving over flying, I choose marriage over being single, I choose red over blue, I choose avoidance over confrontation

Wow! I could go on and on and on with these. But the bottom line is, life is about choice. It’s not static…it’s ever changing. Every choice we make leads us closer to or further from our goals. We constantly need to re-evalutate who we are and where we are headed in our journey. We need to constantly ask ourselves questions. Questions like… Am I moving closer to or farther away from my goals? How can I change this rut I’m in? Do I like who I am becoming? Because once we start to make these changes, or make better choices, we start to become the person we have always dreamed we could be.

Choice is the heart of life!

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