Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An open letter to John Edwards

Dear Schmo,

Bravo for admitting you had a sexual affair with one of your staffers. That takes guts!

Bravo for admitting (finally) that you fathered a child out of said affair. Your daughter will be so proud of you one day for taking so long to own up to that. (enter sarcasm punctuation here).

Frankly, I don’t know why I say Bravo to these admissions of guilt, because you certainly don’t deserve any kind of badge of honor for fessing up to them! In fact, I can’t believe it took you this long to publicly admit what you have known deep in your heart for some time. I shouldn’t even call these statements, admissions of guilt. I should be referring to these admissions the way Democrats like to refer to their sexual indescretions, as “being Presidential.” I often wonder if it took so long for you to admit that Quinn was your child because you were somehow trying to figure out a way to pin this indescrition on President Bush?

But these statements or admissions are not what irks me the most in your…ahem…circumstances. What irks me the most, is that you are admitting your faults via a third party. What kind of an example do you think this sets when you don’t even have the balls to own up to your actions. And don’t give me that crap that there are people involved and kids involved. I get that. However, I believe, there are proper ways to handle these indescritions with your children. But when you openly duped the people of this country into believing that you were the “best candidate” for the Presidency you made your life public! And once your life was made public, you owed us honesty! And we didn’t get honesty.

In fact, we still haven’t gotten honesty directly from you. We have heard your side of the story from your attorney, but I’m not buying it. Senator Edwards, you have a bad “people picker”, so how is it that I am supposed to trust your attorney , the one you have chosen, when he says things like, “Senator Edwards is very remorseful for his actions” or “Senator Edwards loves his wife dearly” or even “Senator Edwards kids have a full understanding of the situation.” Really? These things are ok coming from your attorney??? Oh Mr. Edwards, when will you ever learn?

Apparently not anytime soon because now you want us to believe that you did not use campaign funds to “buy off” the people involved in your sexual indescrestions. Seriously? In the past three years, Senator Edwards, you have cheated on your wife, had a baby out of wedlock, duped the American people, lied to your children, publicly denied being a father to one child, asked your friend to step up and claim paternity of said child, humiliated the mothers of all of your children, made a sex tape and more than likely used campaign funds in this scandal. I’m not saying that you did, but the odds are against you. Look at your record, it should speak for itself. So far you have lied and asked the American people, for forgiveness more than any human being I am aware of.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Senator Edwards!

I am getting tired of your egotistical “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission attitude.”

And we wonder why other countries don’t take us seriously. Get over your bad self Senator Edwards! Own up to what you have done, ask God for forgiveness and try to make something out of your life…for the sake of your beautiful kids who still look up to you and will one day remember that you were in a sticky situation and you chose to handle it correctly instead of politically.

A concerned mother and citizen of the United States of America

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