Monday, January 18, 2010

The C word

I know…the title alone made you want to click on this post and read it, didn’t it? That’s ok…no need to be ashamed. I would have done the same thing. But I hate to disappoint you, this post is not about the “c” word that you maybe thought it was about. No, no…it’s another meme. This meme was given to me by another blogger…months ago…so, like usual, I can’t give credit where credit is due because I have no memory of who gave me this challenge. But what I can tell you is that this blogger gave me the letter “c” and asked me to write a little something about the first 10 words that come to my mind that start with the letter “c”. So here goes…

1. Craptastic. I would define this word as something that is perceived to be fantastic but is actually pretty crappy. This is a word that when I first heard it, I never thought I would use, but because it can be a perfect descriptive word when using sarcasm, of course, I LOVE IT!

2. Chingus. This is a word that I like to think I made up. Whether I did or not, I don’t know, but honestly, I have never ever heard anyone else but myself use this word. Chingus, to me, is the equivalent of “thingamajig”. It is a word that I use when trying to think of the word or phrase that I am actually talking about. You know like…”You know, that chingus that you use to brush your teeth.” Yes, a toothbrush…exactly! But if you are anything like me, simple words like these are often difficult to recall on a daily basis…There, I said it…I’m getting old and can’t remember crap (another favorite “c” word of mine).

3. Cankels. This word, quite frankly, just makes me giggle. I don’t ever use it, but I do laugh whenever I hear it. For those of you that don’t know the definition of this word it is often used to describe someone of a larger stature, or when someone’s calves and ankles are the same size…hence, cankels. I know, it’s not a nice word, but it makes me giggle. I’m not proud!

4. Colts, the Indianapolis variety. I can’t write about words that start with the letter “c” and not talk about the Indianapolis Colts. What kind of a fan would that make me? Giddy up Colts! Here’s hoping we go all the way to the Superbowl in 2010!

5. Cats. I can’t believe I am even giving these feline creatures a spot on my blog. What can I say besides, I HATE CATS! I don’t get them and I don’t get why people would want to own them. I’m sorry if this upsets any of my loyal readers, but I’m not a big fan of cats. And what I really don’t understand is single men that have cats…I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that there are an abnormal amount of single women that own cats and will probably one day be known as a cat lady in their neck of the woods, but a single guy with cats…that’s just plain wrong!

6. Comments. I’m like every other blogger out there…I LOVE COMMENTS! I guess you could call me a comment whore! Keep ‘em coming people. I love the support that my followers and fans give me via my comments. Whether good or bad, it always brightens my day to know that people are reading my blog and supporting my writing. Thanks guys!

7. C. S. I. Nope, not the TV show…I usually use C.S.I. to describe myself. Cute. Single. Intelligent. I know…I’m a rare breed these days.

8. Cactus. This word I had never heard used this particular way before I started watching the Jersey Shore. I’m actually very embarrassed to tell you that I have been sucked in by that train wreck of a show. But it is partially due to the language. I learn so many new words just by watching. And so far, cactus has been my favorite. They use it all of the time to describe an ugly girl. As in…”that girl is cactus, there is no way I would date her.” And by cactus, they mean someone who is so ugly that it pricks your eyes when you look at her. Classy, isn’t it?

9. Chester Drawers. I laugh every time I think of this. This is what my six year old calls his dresser or Chest of drawers…cute, isn’t it?

10. Chillaxed. This is going to be my word of the year for 2010. I plan to figure out how to become someone who can learn to enjoy this ultra relaxed state in which nothing matters. And as a part of this “chillaxed” phase, I am going to incorporate Sunday naps too. And I don’t just mean the kind of naps where you fall asleep while watching Sunday afternoon football. I mean deliberate, “bed naps” where you tuck yourself in and take a good two or three hour Sunday afternoon nap. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Hello 2010!

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  1. I love your list. I am also a CSI. And I am completely adopting the word "craptastic". I've heard it before but I think it needs to be brought back. And "cactus"? YES... love it... makes me laugh. I have a feeling the boys I work with (and I work with all boys) are going to love it. I can feel my world expanding as I write from reading your blog. Awesome!



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