Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What had happened was...

As 2009 comes quickly to a close (Thank GOD!) I have become very reflective. It was definitely a hum dinger of a year with many lessons learned…some good, some bad…all worth it! Would I change anything? No…because everything happens for a reason, right?

Sometimes I feel like I have lived many more years than the actual 38. During my life these lessons have compounded to create the person I am today. Some lessons were learned after mistakes I have made, others were learned during the pockets of grief I experienced but many were learned from those much older and wiser than I. I may not always change from these mistakes that I make, but they are definitely stuck in the heart of my soul where they make up who I truly am.

So here is my list of lessons learned in 2009 (in no particular order)…

Spending money foolishly is the ultimate downfall of many.

Do not ever spout off feel good clich├ęs to people who are grieving.

There is no such thing as harmless flirting when one of the parties has actual feelings for the other party.

Your integrity and moral character are two things you should NEVER compromise.

We may not understand God’s reasoning for letting things happen until years later.

Learn to discern a person’s true intentions.

If you wait for things to “be perfect” before moving onto the next stage in your life, you will end up waiting your entire life and end up with nothing.

We all live in our own universe…no one else has ever walked in your shoes.

If you must judge, do it mentally…keep your mouth shut and send your questions of right or wrong to God instead.

Don’t judge others based on your own view of the world.

Your parents won’t always be around, enjoy what time you may have with them.

Fake snakes in the laundry basket probably scare just as easily as the real kind.

1Take responsibility for your own actions and the outcomes, whether good or bad- it will garner you a lot more respect in life.

Many bad situations are the result of your own stupidity. Others happen through no fault of your own. Learn how to tell the difference.

There is always someone out there who has it worse than you.

A book, whether it be good or bad, can help you formulate opinions you always knew you had, but never had the words for.

When you have kids, you become the laundry fairy.

Don’t complain, it gets you nowhere.

Never leave the presence of a loved one without saying “I love you”- it could be your last moment together.

Laugh hard, loud and often.

A 5, 6, or 7 year car loan does not make the car “more affordable”.

“I’m sorry” when said sincerely, can erase a multitude of angry emotions.

Forgiveness is what makes the world go round.

Five years from now your life will be totally different than it is at this moment.

People change when they themselves are ready to change and not a moment before.

Life does not take American Express. Life takes will power, stamina, and self control.

A child’s love is the most innocent, purest and truest kind of love you will ever experience.

Reading written words is the closest you will ever come to truly knowing someone’s deepest inner thoughts.

DO NOT be manipulative.

Saving a little money at a time really does add up.

People will like you more if you are yourself at all times.

A genuine smile directed towards someone produces a hundred times more happiness than mere words alone.

After high school, the clique-induced pressure to be popular vanishes for most people.

Life goes way to fast.

Most friendships you thought would “last forever” usually don’t.

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