Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Ten Friday

Welcome to this weeks edition of Top Ten Friday where I break it down.

Because the Tiger Woods Thanksgiving weekend took such a bizarre turn which caused many “rumors” regarding domestic violence, infidelity, and sheer stupidity, I did what any blogger would do and turned to the largest Sportsbook on the web,, to see what the posted odds were on this particular turn of events. And because I couldn’t pick my 10 favorite, I will share all 14 with you along with the odds. You’re Welcome!

Top Ten All Things Tiger

14. Will Tiger lose any of his sponsorships?
Yes: 5/1
No: 1/10

13. Will he win/lose his next major?
Yes: 2/1
No 1/3

12. Which club will Tiger’s wife use to smash his “windshield” with next?
Wood: 3/2
Iron: 1/1
Putter: 2/1

11. Will Tiger file assault charges against his wife?
Yes: 2/1
No: 1/3

10. Will Tiger’s wife join the LPGA?
Yes: 6/1
No: 1/12

9. Over/under on number of clubs it takes Tiger’s wife to smash a “windshield”.
Over 2 1/2: 5/6
Under 2 1/2: 5/6

8. Odds on what Tiger’s facial lacerations are from.
His wife beating the crap out of him: 1/2
Air bag: 2/1
Caddy: 3/2

7. Odds on Tiger getting a DWI by 2012
Yes: 5/1
No: 1/10

6. Who is involved in a lawsuit first?
Tiger: 2/1
Elin: 3/2
Caddy: 6/5

5. Who has an affair first?
Tiger: 5/6
Elin: 5/6

4. What are the odds that Tiger’s wife is having an affair?
Yes: 2/1
No: 1/3

3. Will charges be brought against Tiger?
Yes: 5/6
No: 5/6

2. Will rumors of an affair ring true- will a “new woman” come forward as having been with Tiger?
Yes: 3/1
No: 1/5

1. Will Tiger and Elin divorce in the next 24 months?
Yes: 3/1
No: 1/5

Care to make a wager?

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