Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nothing says love like a macaroni necklace and half eaten snowman soup

Now that I have kids, Christmas celebrations are so much more meaningful. Hamilton and Gibson bring so much innocence, joy and laughter into the holidays. Whether it be shopping for the perfect gifts, making Christmas cookies, visiting Santa at the mall, or playing in the snow, their laughter throughout the season is what wraps the holidays up in a pretty package. But nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the anticipation of Santa coming to our house on Christmas Eve. Well except for this year…

This year, Hamilton and Gibson were so excited about giving me the gifts that they made at school. It was all that they could do to keep them a secret…for a few days anyway. Last night they cracked! They couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer... So, like any good mom, who is not in the Christmas spirit, I cracked and let them give me their gifts from school. And just like in years past, I was not disappointed!

Gibson, my youngest, went first. His gift was wrapped in a piece of construction paper that had his handprint in white and five little snowmen adorned each tiny finger. This masterpiece will definitely go on the “wall of art” that is my office! Inside this masterpiece was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I think I have ever received. Yes, it even beat out my engagement ring, pearl necklace and diamond earrings of Christmas’ past. Gibson’s gift was the standard Macaroni Necklace that I am wearing with pride today. I have gotten a couple of compliments on it already, but no compliments better than the one I received from Gibson while he was putting it on me in front of the mirror this morning. He said, “mom, it’s beautiful…it brings out the blue in your eyes…and my eyes.”

Seriously…how sweet was that?

Next was Hamilton’s gift…and let me tell you, this was priceless! Hamilton was so excited when he handed me this…
Snowman soup. (important to note…the gift was handed to me, exactly as seen in this picture…open) Anyway, here is what the note said… “When it is so cold that you holler and whoop, it’s time to bring out the Snowman Soup!!! Pour the packet in a mug. Add the snowballs too. This is a special snowman from me to you. Now fill it with hot water and add your mint stick to stir. Sip slowly and soon you will feel the warm winter spirit.”

How cute, right?

Wrong! Hamilton and I went downstairs to make the Snowman Soup, but to my surprise there were no snowballs (marshmallows) or mint stick (candy cane) for stirring. So I asked Hamilton about it…

Me: Hey Ham, there are no snowballs or mint stick for stirring in my Snowman Soup…

Hamilton: What? Really?

Me: Yes…isn’t that weird?

Hamilton: No, not really mom…

Me: Why don’t you think that it is weird that I didn’t get snowballs or a mint stick?

Hamilton: Well, you did get them mom, but I was hungry on the bus on Friday and ate them before I got home.

Me: (thinking to myself) well…Merry Elfing Christmas to me! (but I actually said) ohhh…sweety, it’s the thought that counts…this is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten.

And those words were words that came from the heart…that I meant! It is these little gifts that Hamilton and Gibson make with pride that bring a smile to my face. Seriously, as a mom, there is nothing better than the home made gifts that may not make it home in one piece, and the stories behind them. It’s memories like these that I will cherish forever!

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