Monday, August 31, 2009

Truly Julie

I’ll admit it…I’ve been in a funk for the past few days. I’ll own it! It’s completely true. There are times in my life where I just throw up my hands and say “SHIT…I’ve got NOTHING!” What now? Well today was one of those days.

Welcome to my Monday! I was a major grump this morning…just ask my kids, they can attest to it!

So I’m sitting in my car in the garage contemplating the outcome of such a crazy weekend…I think to myself that I need something, anything to get me in a better mood before I get to the office. I start frantically looking through my CD’s hoping that I will find something that will put a pep in my step, a bing in my bounce, a smile on my face…please let there be something. I come across an unlabeled CD…I put it in and BINGO, exactly what I needed to put a smile on my face…

Let me tell you a little bit about this particular CD that I chose to listen to. It is a CD of seven different songs…songs written by a friend of mine that I went to High School with. This guy…I will call him Superman, was a great friend in High School. We lost touch shortly after my freshman year in college and we recently got to spend some time together at my twenty year high school reunion. He was always the slacker…the funny guy in school. He was the one that didn’t have much ambition but for some reason you always knew he would be ok…maybe not successful, but ok.

A couple of years after we graduated high school Superman started taking guitar lessons. He would practice day and night…seven days a week. He finally got good enough that he put lyrics to his music. We reconnected briefly a year or so before our twenty year reunion and he was so excited to tell me about how hard he had been working on his music career. He was even playing in local bars and had put his music to CD.

I was honored at our twenty year reunion when he told me he wrote a song about me. I was actually kind of touched, maybe even a little teary eyed…I didn’t know that I had had that much of an impact on Superman in high school. I was so excited when he gave me a copy of the CD with my song on it. Imagine my surprise when I popped the CD in for the first time that weekend and heard the following lyrics:

Truly Julie

Truly Julie, you are truly
Hot like sunshine
But more cooly
Truly Julie, you are truly
Fine from behind
I’m not fooling
Truly Julie, it is truly
Hard not to find
Me here drooling

Repeat three more times…

I kid you not…that is the first and hopefully only song I will ever have written about me. But I can't help smiling and laughing every time I hear this song. This is the craft that Superman had worked so hard on for almost twenty years! Imagine my gratitude when I popped the unlabeled CD into my car this morning…if those lyrics don’t put a smile on my face…then nothing would. I have to say out of the other songs on the CD my lyrics by far beat out Bridgette's rambling with midgets, Jennifer the rock star, Christina the Jim beam drinking ballerina, Kristen who is blue like the rain, and Molly who likes watching the Beaver and playing basketball.

I’m such a lucky girl!

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  1. I am so sorry you are having a rough week. Let me know if there is anything I can do. : )


    P.S. I love Superman's song for you...



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