Monday, August 10, 2009

40 before 40

OK...I am officially out of my funk! Well, I wouldn't really say completely out of my funk, but enough to get back into the spirit of writing. Of course it helped that I found this list this weekend when I was tackling the much ignored task of cleaning out my closet and office. I wrote this list on April 1, 2005...3 months after my ex walked out the door never to return.

I think at the time my self worth was next to nothing and I felt like I needed to set some goals for my life so that I wouldn't get consumed in all of the negativity that was surrounding me. I was actually surprised at how many of the items I was able to check off. Of course there are a couple of items that I'm sure I won't ever be able to check off...but we won't discuss those. And true to my nature...I have included some side bar comments that came to mind as I was reading these for the first time in over four years.

1. Have another child...seriously, I don't ever remember having that thought until just recently

2. Get into the best shape of my life...on my way there, finally!

3. Swim with a dolphin...DONE

4. Ask out a crush...DONE

5. Wear a bathing suit in public and not feel self conscious...don't know that this will ever happen

6. Go kayaking

7. Open my heart to someone...recently did and it backfired in my face...that will never happen again

8. Help a stranger...DONE

9. Move into a new house

10. Go on a vacation to the beach, by myself...I so need this

11. Go skinny dipping...hmm...don't know what the thought process was behind this

12. Invest in the stock market

13. Read the Bible all the way through

14. Run a mini marathon...NEVER AGAIN!

15. Take a surf far one of the most exciting experiences of my life

16. Purchase one piece of nice jewelry for myself

17. Buy and keep a plant alive...I can keep kids alive, I just struggle with plants

18. Take a photography lesson

19. Write an article for a the process of doing this one now!

20. Learn a foreign language

21. Learn to golf...DONE

22. Write a book...started but will never be done before I am 40

23. Visit 25 of the 50 states

24. Meet someone famous...DONE

25. Fly a trapeze

26. Take my kids to see Kiss in concert...Hamilton has been once, but Gibson only got to go in utero

27. Get out of debt...DONE...YEAH!

28. Paint something (not a wall, but a picture)

29. Take my kids to Disney...DONE

30. Scan all of my photos that are pre-digital camera

31. Have two months living expenses in my savings account...DONE...YEAH!

32. Go on a multi day hike

33. Buy a piece of original art

34. Make a new friend...DONE, I love doing this!

35. Attend a Super Bowl

36. Go to a movie by myself...DONE

37. Go white water rafting

38. Take a ride in a hot air balloon

39. Spend the whole day in bed with someone I love

40. Master one really cool magic trick...DONE, and it is very cool...ask me one day to see will be very impressed!

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  1. This is Kim. Please don't throw away #7. You can't let one bad apple spoil the apple fritter...or something like that. Chin up. Chest out. And keeping trying. He's out there somewhere.



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