Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yeah, so you know who you are

Ok…so I ran into this guy last week…well, I didn’t actually run into him, but we were at the same place three different times in less than 24 hours, THREE CHANCE MEETINGS, mind you. I think this constitutes “running into him”, right? I vaguely met him a few months ago , and oh yeah, we also talked on the phone once before a meeting we both attended. He was a very nice guy; young, shy, quiet and by the way, H.O.T. hot!

Well, for some reason, I just struggle when it comes to getting my brain to get my body to do what it should! So let me lay this scene out for you as it played out in my head:

Leading Man: H.O.T hot young buck with a good head on his shoulders
Leading Lady: ahem…Me
Scene: Me, wondering if H.O.T. hot young buck with a good head on his shoulders could possibly be interested in me, a divorced single mom with two awesome boys and a lot on her plate at the moment. And if he is interested, would I maybe possibly be interested back (hell yes is the answer to this question)? But what if he isn’t interested in me…do I get upset or just not care? And if I don’t care, why? I should care because there is absolutely nothing wrong with him or me, for that matter, except that maybe he is a little young for me, or maybe that I am little old for him, but it doesn’t really matter because neither of us is going to make a move. Seriously, this is the story of my life!

At least I am now aware of my standard thought process, but I still find it very odd. Why do I do this? Why do I really care if he is single or not? Why am I curious to see if he wants to get my phone number? Why am I even thinking about this? Fact is…he wasn’t interested enough to do anything about our THREE CHANCE MEETINGS!

Bottom line: When I am single, even if I’m not actively looking, I am still single and looking, and, therefore, I analyze every possible situation to the core.

So, Yes, H.O.T hot young buck with a good head on his shoulders, you are cute. Yes, I noticed you. Yes, I noticed you noticing me. Yes, we shared a couple of lingering flirtatious glances at all THREE CHANCE MEETINGS!

Here is the problem. When I was leaving the third chance meeting, and we were smiling at each other, I think that maybe, just maybe, you might have assumed that I might know what to do next…but here is a hint, I DIDN’T!

And because my legs are much faster than the processing time in my head (note above content), by the time I got to my car and realized that you were not just smiling at me, but SMILING at me…it was too late. I couldn’t hold my head up high and go back into the restaurant and strike up a conversation with you because that would just be weird, almost stalker like. Plus there is that whole, shy thing I have going on with super H.O.T hot guys!

So here is my suggestion to you, if we are so lucky as to run into each other again, please, please, please follow me, say something or better yet, hand me the instruction manual on how to approach H.O.T hot young bucks such as yourself. Please mark the pages that may be of interest to me. Obviously, I haven’t seen a copy of this top secret manual that you seem to think I might have read.

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