Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can't, Can, Won't, Will, Shouldn't, Should...

I can’t
Say no to Hamilton and Gibson, watch horror movies, get enough of reality TV, keep a fresh manicure for more than a couple of days without it getting chipped, cook, flip past an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter without being mesmerized, go a day without thinking about my mom, drive a stick shift

I can
Only do so much, be a real bitch at times, sleep anywhere anytime, flirt like there is no tomorrow, make a decision when needed, Internet stalk like a pro, get very irritated very quick, be a good cheerleader when it comes to my kids sports

I won’t
Be that parent who yells at her kids from the sidelines, tolerate lying, be afraid of being alone, ever be mistaken about being in love again, ever run for distance again, ever give up on family, be anything but the best I can be, stop fighting for the people I believe in

I will
Watch movies I love over and over again, forgive but never forget, clean in a frenzy and then turn right back around and watch the dust bunnies collect again, always be a good communicator, always tell the truth, only spank my kids when they need to know that something they did is dangerous, ALWAYS love my kids unconditionally

I shouldn’t
Go to bed angry, brag about my ability to cyber stalk, compare my life to others, shut down when people hurt me, live so much in my head, worry so much about the future, take my dad for granted, let mean, vindictive people get to me

I should
Be more forgiving of those that hurt me, get up before 10am on Sunday mornings, count my blessings…twice, be able to go a day without wondering “what if”, stay home more Saturday nights than I go out, be emotionally stronger in front of my kids, ask my friends for support when I am down, give up on some friends

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