Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oops, I did it again

Many of you will be saying, “oh no she didn’t” shortly, but yes I did! I know I swore I would never do it again, but I couldn’t help myself. And low and behold I am only 24 hours in and already regretting my decision. You are probably wondering what it is that I have done…I’m almost too embarrassed to admit it. Yep, I did it, I finally took the bull by the horns and have officially become a member of Match.com again…for the 2nd time…I’m not proud, but it is what it is. Why not, right?

Once I hit the submit button on my online application, I had flashbacks as to why I hadn’t done this again after my first horrible experience with online dating. Mainly I didn’t sign up again because online dating sucks! I know, I know, your brother’s cousin’s nephew’s dad met someone online. It does work for some, but not for everyone. To the contrary, I also know happily married couples that have met at a bar. People meet in all kinds of places. That's my justification anyway!

After much thought I realized I stopped online dating because it seemed to give me a daily dose of negativity. Most of the time when I would view a profile of a man I might like the opportunity to get to know, chances are the ideal partner he thought he was looking for had qualities that I didn’t possess. Qualities like, his ideal partner is younger than me, his ideal partner lives closer than me, his ideal partner has no kids, his ideal partner wants kids, you know the cookie cutter kind, from the ground up with no pre-existing relationships. So pairing down the profiles of the men who are fine with my age, accept that I am a parent, do/don’t want more children of their own and love the zip code that I live in, only leaves me with a few dozen profiles to search through. And the reality is that I’m lucky to find one person out of that batch of profiles that I would even think of communicating with. So you get the negativity/depressing part now?

Anyway, my friends didn’t let this stop them from encouraging me for years to give it another try, but I could never do it. Oh, I would log on and look over the years but the faces were still the same. Still the same goof balls…still the same players…still the same noncommittal freaks that think they are all that! Because the reality of it is, I didn’t need an online service sending me daily messages that there were very few men who want a woman like me, and that there are many men who think that they want someone very different than me. It’s a depressing thought and I don’t believe that this reflects real life.

After all, chemistry and attraction is something felt by the whole self (body, mind and soul) in real life; it can’t be articulated in checkboxes and online profiles. I know that! So this probably leads you to the question…why now? Well, why not now. Nothing else I am doing seems to be working for me so why not sign back up for my daily does of rejection! I’m a new woman…in a new place in my life…willing to see where this new adventure takes me. And lucky for you…I’m sure it will produce many good stories…I just checked my inbox and have 150 winks and/or emails to go through in the first 24 hours…this is bound to produce something funny for you all to enjoy. Now off to find my Prince Charming!

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  1. This is Kim. I wish you the best of luck! I will also keep my eyes open for anyone I know who may be Julie-worthy. It will happen. : )



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