Friday, July 17, 2009

If only I had known then what I know now

Do you ever look back on your life and wish you had the opportunity to do it all over again? Maybe not all of it, but parts of it? I sometimes do. I only wish I had listened to my parents more often. I think if I had, my life would have probably turned out much different. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, but there have been hurdles along the way that I probably could have avoided if I had just listened!

This realization made me start thinking about stupid things along the way that I wished I had learned earlier in life and not as an adult. The "I should have known better" kind of things. For this reason, I have written some advice that I would like to have given the eighteen year old me back in the day. Advice from the older, wiser, and cuter version of who I used to be.

You will always manage to get from point A to point B, it's ok that directions aren't your thing.

Don't occupy yourself with trying to fit in where you don't belong. You will only regret it later in life. Popularity is not all that popular when you are in your thirties.

Listen to your mom, she is almost always right!

Don't obsess over tanning! It is not sexy twenty years later! Enjoy your God given pasty white skin!

Always dress your age! It's not appropriate to wear daisy dukes and a tube top in your thirties...even if it is in your back yard mowing the grass.

Be patient while looking for the "man of your dreams". Make sure he is the one. Don't ever settle for something just because you think nothing better will come along.

Don't allow the men in your life to pick you. You are the prize and should be the one doing the picking!

Self cut bangs and hair color are a bad idea! Waxing, by a professional, is a good idea!

Don't fret, you will find what you like to do in life! Be patient!

Self confidence is sexy!

Your gut is usually right, go with what you think it is trying to tell you!

Enjoy being single, don't just tolerate it!

If something is worth fighting for then FIGHT! Don't let the obstacles of life get in your way. Life is way to short! If it is what you want, go for it!

There you have it! Just some things that I have learned along the way. This list changes constantly as I am always learning. There will always be struggles and battles between the brain and the heart. Most important, always remember that you have to love and respect yourself first before you can expect that same thing from others in your life.

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