Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The ABC's of Dating

I've learned some hard lessons about dating over the years. For this reason, I have created the ABC's of Dating. Please note that this is not a complete list, nor will it ever be a complete list! Just keep these in mind while dating, whether it be your first or hundredth date...HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Assets: Always compliment him on the things you like about him.

Booty call: Don't ever do it!

Cyber Stalking: I'ts fun...but don't get carried away.

Dutch: Don't ever offer to pay for half on a first date. Men are intimidated by this.

Enjoy: Remember bad dads often lead to good stories.

Flighty: Don't play dumb, EVER! You may think it's cute, but men quickly grow tired of this.

Gifts: If he gives these, he is a good catch. Hang onto him as long as you can.

High Maintenance: These men are a pain in the ass. If they take longer to get ready than you, then they will probably never ever like anyone else more than they like themselves.

Irritated: Most men get this way if they ask you where you want to eat or what you want to do and you respond with "I don't care" and then criticize them when they make a decision you don't agree with.

Jokes: Always laugh at his jokes, even if they aren't funny.

Keep: Always save notes, mementos and stories. After all you may be like me and have enough good stuff to put in a book one day.

Laughter: It truly is the best medicine. Make sure he can laugh at himself and that you can laugh at yourself.

Momma's Boy: If this is him, turn around slowly and run as fast as you can. DO NOT get involved with him.

Never: And I mean never ever have sex with him on the first date, unless of course you are looking for a one night stand.

Options: You have so many, don't settle for someone you don't want.

Prince Charming: He doesn't exist ladies, so stop looking for him.

Quit: Immediately stop being "picked" by need to realize that you are the prize and should be the one that does the picking.

Red flags: Be aware of these early on and then make the 5-5-5 decision (ex: how will the fact that he bites his toenails affect me in 5 minutes, 5 months and 5 years) in this case, disgusting at interval, RUN!

Sisters: These can be mysterious creatures...if you can't get along with his sisters or his friends your relationship will never work.

Texting: It's OK to text, but it becomes a problem if it is your main source of communication

Upstaged: Don't upstage them in your conversation, especially on the first date. When you continually try to "one up" them...they become intimidated by who you are.

Vibes: Use your gut, if you don't get good vibes from a guy early on then he is probably not right for you.

Whimp: Don't date this type. If he can't stand up for himself now or make his own decisions he will only be worse in the future.

X-Factor: OK...I couldn't think of anything that began with an "x" so I cheated. What this really means is the Ex-Factor. Don't ever let who your ex's are or were ever be a factor when making decisions about your future boyfriends (This is my biggest struggle to date).

Yes: Don't always be a "yes man". If you disagree with something he says or does, let him know. Speak up! Voice your opinion!

Zip it: Don't ever interject while he is answering a question you just asked him. Men hate to be interrupted when talking about themselves.

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