Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To cool for school

The week of Thanksgiving I had eleven people staying at my house. It was hectic but a blast! Four of the relatives that were at my house were teenage boys…I know, I know…my house still smells like a college fraternity all these months later. There is not enough Febreeze in the world to get rid of that smell permanently! Anywho, I learned a lot during that week about the school systems our kids are attending. I have an nine year old and a six year old so I am still a “rookie” when it comes to the school systems and their expectations of our kids. Needless to say, I was shocked at some of the things that I heard from my cousins and nephew.

First, apparently my nephew can take his iPod into study hall with him on a daily basis. What? An iPod in study hall? Really? Isn’t the purpose of study hall to study or catch up on homework? Oh and it gets worse. He also said that they can sleep in study hall. I was horrified! I would never have dreamt of sleeping in study hall 20 years ago, but I guess that that is one of the things that makes me old school. I was also shocked at how little my cousin, who is a senior in High School, was actually required to go to school. Now maybe he busted his butt the first three and a half years, but I was still floored.

This conversation I had with them along with the fact that it is the end of another exciting school year really got me thinking about the kind of education our kids are receiving these days. It’s no wonder why so many of them struggle with life once they graduate. I was intrigued…I wanted to know more. In order to feel more prepared about my sons and their future I felt inclined to see what kinds of classes colleges are offering our kids today and boy I was shocked at what I had found.

Check these out!

Columbia College/Chicago: Zombies in Popular Culture

Johns Hopkins University: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll in Ancient Egypt
Mail Order Brides, Understanding the Phillipines

North Dakota State: Beer Appreciation (How can this school not be named the #1 Party School with a class like this?)

Occidental College/LA: The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie

Princeton: Getting Dressed (seriously, aren’t kids that go to Princeton supposed to be pretty smart? Is this class really necessary?)

Rhode Island College of Design: The History of the Dirty Picture

Santa Clara University: The Joy of Garbage

State University of New York at Buffalo: Cyberporn and Society

Syracuse University:The Life and Times of Lil’ Kim

University of Chicago: Naked or Nude

University of Delaware:The Philosophy of South Park

University of Illinois: Oprah Winfrey: The Tycoon

Wow! And we wonder why we have a society full of murderers, porn addicts, alcoholics, commitment phobes, cheaters, wingmen and loosers, with no ambition and drive to make anything of themselves and who are only looking for the easiest way to make the next buck.

Thank God all I had when I was growing up was Sex Education!


  1. I'm constantly surprised when I hear that kids are allowed iPods and cell phones in school. Seriously.

    Those classes are hilarious. I'm sure the parents would be happy knowing tuition is going to such worthy educational pursuits.

  2. I am also amazed at what kids are allowed to do at school i know when I was in school none of that would have worked.

  3. I agree with the first part, but I'm gonna say you sound like a stick in the mud on the college courses. Catchy titles do not equal easy classes. I took "Religion in the Movies" and it was not at all about just watching films and eating popcorn. It was hardcore analysis and philosophy.

    Classes of any kind do not prepare anyone for life. Life prepares you for life.

  4. My kids have phones with them at school, but they are required to keep them turned off during school or in their lockers (and turned off). I only have them take them to school because they occasionally have to stay after school for extra curricular activities and this school will actually lock all the doors once school is let out so my kids can't use school phones to let me know to pick them up.

    As for interesting college courses, I have a friend who took "Power Walking" as an actual course. Ridiculous if you ask me.



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