Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot Hollywood

Last week was the marking of yet another chance for celebrities to show us how beautiful and important they are. In true Hollywood fashion the Museum Costume Institute Ball 2010 was no disappointment. I look forward to this event every year for the styles, glamour, and of course fashion blunders. And this year, there were many of each.

Here’s my recap…

Jude Law & Sienna Miller (aka: king & queen of break-up/make-up)- These two are so beautiful, but have always had a very rocky relationship. They have been on again off again more times than Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. In fact, I give these two five minutes before breaking up again. That said…they are H.O.T. hot!

Brook Shields- I love this woman. I loved her on Lipstick Jungle, but that show only lasted one season…bummer. But what I really like about her are her “guns”. Look at those babies. In my perfect world, I would have her arms.

Diane Kruger- I don’t necessarily like her dress, but I can say, with 100% accuracy that she is definitely NOT on her period. Period.

Janet Jackson- This dress definitely wins the “Breast Dressed” award…That girl has a major rack! I wonder how I can get mine to stand tall like that. Any suggestions?

Maggie Gyllenhal- I’m not a fan of this dress either. Quite frankly, I’m a little scared that if she heads home from this event in the wee hours of the morning the local garbage man might chase her down in a case of “mistaken identity”.

Emma Roberts- I love Emma’s look, but the reason I put this picture up is that I thought everyone might enjoy the outfit of the woman behind her. Fantastic, isn’t it? (said with a large amount of sarcasm). It is my theory that just because you are in Hollywood it doesn’t mean that this outfit is cool or fashionable. Get over your bad self!

Oprah Winfrey- The higher the hair, the larger the breasts, the poofier the dress…the closer to God! Sorry if I have offended any Oprah fans, but her God complex just drives me batty!

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lauren- There are so many things wrong with this picture. Jeans with a tuxedo jacket, a woman in a tailed tuxedo, bad tans. I’m appalled! Mr. Lauren is one of the most world renowned designers and this is the best he could come up with. I have just one word to describe this fashion nightmare…lazy!

John Bon Jovi- Finally a picture that makes the evening all worth it. Is it just me or is he one of the most handsome men ever? Yumm-O!

Whoopie Goldberg & Andre Leon Talley- Need I discuss all the things that are wrong with this picture? I think the only thing of any substance is that Mr. Talley is the Editor-At-Large for Vogue…it’s people like him that make and break the fashion trends. Please, please, please pray that this trend doesn’t take off. Quite frankly, if I were his boss, he would be fired immediately!

Padma Lakshmi- This picture cracked me up. While Padma is strikingly beautiful, I couldn’t help but immediately be drawn to Matthew Morrison (from Glee…my favorite show) in the background. I think this is by far the best “I’m looking at my shoes to avoid checking out the boobs” look ever! Priceless!

Kristen Stewart- I have no words…I don’t get why Hollywood is all into her.

Eva Mendez- Clearly she sent a spy out to my grandma’s yard sale last year and purchased her old living room curtains.

Emma Watson- love the dress, but don’t necessarily need to see her “Who ha”!

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: UPDATE: Since the beginning of this post, they have broken up. Stay tuned for another update in five minutes!


  1. Love the commentary. Love your blog because you can do all of this "research" so that I can skim and appreciate. Thank you. :-)

  2. You're hilarious! Couldn't agree more about Kristen Stewart (what-ev!) but I think Eva Mendez is stunning!

  3. now...wait a minute....are you sure Emma's dress shows her "who-ha"??? I'm thinking she's got a 1/2 inch to spare there!!! News flash, btw...JL/SM back together!!

  4. Great commentary. What's the deal with Kristen Stewart? I wish she would just go away, already!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. LOL, in regards to Eva Mendez: That is very Scarlett O'Hara of her ;)



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