Monday, May 24, 2010

Currently I'm schizophrenic, and so am I

I might have stolen this idea from here.

Any chance I get to talk about me, I take it…cause I’m cool like that. I think that’s why I created this blog. Me talking about myself five days a week or 260 days a year is almost like heaven on earth, or therapy, whichever you choose to call it. And I know you all can’t get enough of me either…so I give you my list of currents!

You’re Welcome!

Current Book
The Sea of Monsters by: Rick Riordan

Don’t judge…I’m reading it with my 9 year old. You all know me well enough to know that I don’t read adult books, but I love to listen to my kids read. So this kind of kills two birds with one stone. Plus I didn’t think it would be a good mothering skills for me to force my kids to read US Magazine out loud with me.

Current Music Fascinations
Pearl Jam, Back Spacer
Creed, Full Circle
The Elect (local live band)

I’m a rock and roll girl…It’s funny, (on a side note) when I was married, my ex LOVED music but I never understood his fascination with it. Now that we are divorced, I love the music that he used to want me to listen to. Go figure!

Current Shame-inducing Guilty Pleasure
Shopping, shopping and more shopping! But not really just shopping per say, but shopping for jeans…at last count I had 47 pairs…and can always find a need for more. Especially now…I am donating 20+ pairs to charity this week to make room in my closet for more!

Current Drink:
Non-alcoholic: Un-sweet Iced Tea
Alcoholic: Vodka & soda with a splash of tonic and extra lime

Wow! Does that drink make me sound a little “high maintenance”?

Current Outfit:
Long sleeve black T-shirt, jeans and flip flops

My office is moving yet again (4th time in four years) so I am packing this week…uggghhhhh… conveniently I am the only one that is ever around during the week of a move.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Ryan Reynolds

Current, past, and future…he never grows old! I’m drooling just typing this….He is absolutely Yummy! Let me know if any of you have any suggestions on how to “off” Scarlet Johansen…However, after seeing her in Iron Man II this past weekend, I think she could kick my ass in a heartbeat.

Current Mood:

Current Excitement:
A long three day weekend!

Current Anticipation:
The trainwreck that is the Bachelorette that starts TONIGHT. I am so excited to watch the irritatingly annoying Ali find the love of her life! I’m sure I will have many snarky things to say about her in my upcoming Bachelorette posts…stay tuned!

Current Picture:

This is from the Indiana State Museum. I love this picture because every time we go to this museum my kids say, “duh, who doesn’t know they are in Indiana?”

Current Quote:
“If it weren’t for off-putting my co-workers, I would wear my one piece Hannah Montana pajamas like all the time.” Ryan Reynolds, when asked what makes him happy by People Magazine. (it secretly makes me happy that he didn’t mention anything about his wife making him happy)

Current Worry:
Everyday is a worry for me...I'm a single mom trying to support (2) kids...I never stop worrying.

Current Project:
Cleaning out my closet. I absolutely hate cleaning out my closet. It is the size of a small bedroom and I have issues staying on top of it.


  1. Most of the reading I do is with my kids too. It's just easier that way.

  2. I've read all of the Percy Jackson books! I first bought them for my kids, but ended up reading them myself!

  3. So completely understand your worry. I think all of us single moms have that constant worry.

    And I am totally jealous of the number of jeans you have and the size of your closet... day I will have a home with a closet bigger than my pantry! :-)

  4. stopping by from SITS :) think i might just steal your idea xxx

  5. I likey this post.

    And true, single moms are constantly worrying about taking care of their kiddos. BAH.



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