Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's keep spit balling some ideas

The other day I was going through some old journals and came across the list I had created 20 years ago in the search to find my soul mate. This was my pre-husband list and it is very detailed. I was shocked at how different it is compared to my list of requirements today. I thought some of you might get a kick out of the differences in my two lists sans 20 years apart.

1990 The Perfect Man:

1. Makes me smile
2. Sticks up for me, but still respects my independence
3. Lets me take charge of the remote control
4. Not afraid of PDA
5. His hand always seems to find mine
6. Dances with me even if he feels like a dork
7. Stares at me with loving eyes
8. Calls me for no reason
9. Loves me for me
10. Loves his family and is close with them
11. Loves life
12. Wants kids
13. Loves himself
14. A one woman man
15. Makes me laugh
16. Can laugh at himself
17. Is humble
18. Writes me little notes just because
19. Makes me feel beautiful
20. Wants someone to come alongside him as a partner
21. Has a job and works hard
22. Is honest
23. Is loyal
24. Takes care of himself physically, emotionally and mentally
25. Smiles and laughs with his heart and soul
26. Is not afraid to share himself completely
27. Respects himself and others at all times
28. Responsible
29. No drugs…No smoking
30. Handyman

2010 The Perfect Man:

1. Breathing

It’s funny how 20 years can change a woman, isn’t it?


  1. I seriously Laughed Out Loud when I read this!

  2. Only one thing (in my humble opinion) missing from either list - Loves Jesus more than Me...

    I've found a man who loves God more than he loves anyone else - including pretty much gonna have the rest of that going on for him and then some.

    Oh...and a nice backside isn't a bad suggestion either.


    Love it gal!

  3. Wow, great post! You're a funny chica!

  4. Completely laughed out loud!! I had a list when I was in high school about my perfect man. Now, I'm going to have to try and find it and compare it to my husband. I'm sure they won't match at all.

  5. bwah hahahaha!! Good to see you've kept your standards high! ;-)

  6. ROFL!!!!!!! I'm reading thru your 1999 list thinking, "Well, wait...all of this must surely still apply! She's just that kind of girl!" Don't give up on your younger you list. It'll all come together. Just keep looking!!

  7. Sigh. Yeah. Those were the days!

    Weren't we silly and naive???

  8. HAHAHA thank you, I needed this laugh so bad!!



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