Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you're going through hell, keep going

Today’s post is going to be short sweet and to the point…

I’m dieting…

I’m working out hard three days a week…

I’m hungry…

I’m tempted to eat this…

….the green apple jelly bean that has been sitting on the floor of my car for over a month…

I’m desperate!



  1. LOL... resist the temptation! You can do it!

  2. Don't do it! Through the baby out!

  3. I find that if you deny yourself little treats or even just deny yourself food, you'll never make it. It always works better for me to just make sure that everything I eat is super healthy. Lots of salads and veggies. I don't put dressing on it, I put dressing on the side and dip my fork tines into it before I spear any greens. It's enough flavor without going overboard.
    Eat something! ;)

  4. LOL...Don't do it! It will just start the sugar rush and you'll be sorry. Sugar is the evil empire...don't ya' know.

  5. LOL!!!! I know EXACTLY How you feel. The sugar withdrawal sucks.

    Stopping in from SITS.

  6. Dieting sucks!!! But just imagine the crud that has went over or around that thing! YUCK!!!

    Keep it up though - you are strong - you can do this!

    Cute toenail polish color btw!

  7. tee hee! I thought I was the only one who left crap on the floor of my car for months at a time!! And, I can totally see why you'd contemplate eating it. Been there, done that! Unless it's been stepped on by wet/muddy shoes, I say it's still fair game. ;-)

  8. I have been dieting and working out too! resist the jelly bean!! LOL I had cheetos for dinner the other night. yeah. i suck.

  9. That's why dieting sucks! Normally, I'm not that snacky or hungry, but as soon as my stomach gets wind of the fact I might be dieting, I start craving things like chocolate, and ice cream, and donuts. And even occasionally, jelly beans on the car floor.

  10. Resist! That jelly bean cannot, I repeat cannot be your dietary downfall - step away from the jelly bean!
    Stopping by from SITS - will be back,
    Your new follower!

  11. You can do it!! Resist the evil Jelly bean!

  12. Oh my gosh. That is so me. If I am dieting the little things are tempting. Even the candy on the car floor.

  13. Oh girl...I *hear* you...I am at a high I haven't reached since before my divorce...I don't want to be here when the next man to see me neked won't be able to close his eyes a visualize me before kids...when I was 18 and *thought* I was fat!!!!

  14. Once again, you have me laughing out loud. Hubby wanted to know what I was laughing about!!

  15. Oh. Em. Gee.

    That's just torture. TORTURE!!

    So what did you do?

  16. Cheryl...It is still on the floor of my car...It is going to be my reminder that I DO have willpower!



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