Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You spin me right round baby, right round

Do you ever have conversations with your kids that just go round and round and round and never seem to end. You continue to have the conversations, but they always seem to end in frustration for one or both of you. I had one the other night with Hamilton that I have a feeling I haven’t seen the end of yet.

Hamilton: Mom, can I ask you something?

Me: Sure…what’s up?

Hamilton: All the boys in school have this necklace that I really want and I wanted to know if you would buy it for me?

Me: What kind of necklace?

Hamilton: It’s a “phiten” necklace that is supposed to make you feel really good.

Me: Where do you get this kind of a necklace?

Hamilton: Dick’s Sporting Goods (read…not cheap)

Me: How much is it?

Hamilton: $25

Me: (Gulp)

Hamilton: So can I get it?

Me: That’s a lot of money

Hamilton: But all the boys have them

Me: All of the boys?

Hamilton: Well, all but three of them?

Me: Seriously? All but three of the boys in the class have parents that would buy them this necklace for $25?

Hamilton: Yes

Me: I’m not going to say yes, but I’m not going to say no either. I will think about it.

Hamilton: (gives me a mean look, crosses his arms, and stomps off)

The next day, I go to Dick’s with the best of intentions thinking if it was way under $25 I may get one for him and one for his brother, because when you have two boys so close in age, you can’t just come home with something for one and not the other…am I right moms?

“Holy balls!” The necklace is a “magnet” necklace that is $35. There is NO WAY I am buying this necklace.

That same night, I bring the conversation back up (like an idiot…I should have just let it go)

Me: Ham, I went and looked at those necklaces today at lunch.

Hamilton: (his eyes lit up!) You did?

Me: Uh huh…

Hamilton: …and?

Me: I don’t think I will be buying it. Do you realize that it costs $35, not $25?

Hamilton: That’s not a lot of money?

Me: How many weeks do you think it would take you to save your allowance in order to buy that necklace?

Hamilton: (doing the math in his head) 8

Me: Do you still think it’s not a lot of money?

Hamilton: It’s not a lot of money when it is your money?

Me: Exactly…

Hamilton: So can I get it

Me: Sure, after you have saved your allowance.

Hamilton: (gives me another mean look, crosses his arms, and stomps off)

10 minutes later

Hamilton: Mom, what about we go to Dicks this weekend, you buy me the necklace and I do my best with my chores over the next 8 weeks and you keep my allowance?

Me: That sounds like a great plan…for you. But what happens if you don’t do your chores?

Hamilton: But I will mommy…I promise!

Me: If you want it bad enough, save your allowance and you can get it in 8 weeks.

Hamilton: (gives me yet another dirty look, crosses his arms, and stomps off)

Another 10 minutes later

Hamilton: Mom, I’m afraid if I wait 8 weeks that I won’t want the necklace.

Me: I know that is what will happen, I’m just glad you came to that conclusion on your own. I’m so proud of you baby.

Hamilton: So why don’t you buy it for me now so I can enjoy it before I don’t want it anymore?

Me: (wha…wha…wha!)

And that’s how much my kids appreciate the value of a dollar. I just can’t catch a break! I vow to never ever bring up the topic of the stupid necklace again…or until Easter, whichever comes first.

I’m sure my “divorce guilt” will have taken over again by then and the Easter Bunny will end up putting it in his Easter basket…that darn Easter Bunny..he always gets the best of me.


  1. Your son may forget about it by Easter. If not you can always hide it in an Easter egg and hide it in some obscure location. If he doesn't mention it return the necklace and if he does point him to the necklace's location. That is if your guilt does get the best of you. Kids are good at convincing you they need something. I have a two year old and she is off to a good start.

  2. Wow, gotta love the way a kids mind can work!

  3. He just didn't want to give it up, did he?

    I have to admire his determination just a little. Hopefully he forgets soon!

  4. That is so funny! The boys told me I need to buy one for Elliott so, like you, I went and looked at them and thought....are you kidding me?? I don't even spend that on my jewelry. The kids told me they make you feel good and when you take it off you get stressed out. So the real question is...what is in the necklace and how many can I wear at a time????



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