Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm not sure how I feel about it, kind of like soccer

First, let me start off by saying, I am neither a republican nor a democrat! I vote on the issues. Period! End of discussion. And because of the way I vote, it makes it very difficult to say yes or no to the Health Care Bill. Because when you really think about it do we as Americans really know what is in the bill? No we don’t! All we know is what the media is telling us and we all know that we can’t always trust the media, well except in the case of Tiger Woods. You have to admit they saw that one coming a mile away when the rest of the world was thinking “poor Tiger, how dare they beat him up during the holidays for a minor car accident.” But I digress.

Anyway, my original intent with this post was not to make it a political post but to vent my frustration with the way our government is handling the passing of this particular bill. I honestly don’t have any idea if it is good for me or not. Or if it is right for my family or not. All I know is that I was never asked if it was something I wanted for our Country. I am so sick of hearing that this is “what the people want.” Whoa, slow down there Nelly! How the heck do you know what I want? I don’t ever remember being asked what I want nor given an explanation of my options. I know I don’t know what I want, so I ask, how the hell would you know what I want? I heard a poll this morning on the Today Show (a great source for reliable information, she says sarcastically) that 50% of the population is for the passing of the bill and 50% is against. Again, where they got that information I will never know. All I know is I wasn't asked.

And for Congress to vote on a bill that they are exempt from! How dare they vote on what is right and wrong for the American people when they aren’t going to have to participate in what they are voting on. Who do they think they are? As far as I am concerned one should only be allowed to vote for something that they are going to have to actively participate in. It only seems fair, right?

But that isn’t even the half of what irks me the most about this Health Care Bill debacle that Obama and our government have gotten us into. Not only must we look like idiots to other countries, but we actually have idiots in congress voting on this issue for us.

What do I mean by this, you might ask? Well hold onto your britches people. I recently read that Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader (whatever the hell that title means) mistakenly voted “No” on the healthcare bill, not once but TWICE, my friends!!! And even funnier, here is the explanation given by his office on why he accidentally voted no and then changed his vote to yes.

--Reid voted the wrong way when the clerk called for his vote, realized his error and quickly changed his vote to” yes”. Reid, who spent months persuading fellow senators to vote “yes” made the same mistake when voting on the original health care bill. His offices said Reid made the gaffe because he was so focused on getting health care passed.

Wait! What? Huh?

He was so focused on getting yes votes that he in fact “forgot” to vote yes himself? What? Seriously, that is his official stance on this? No wonder our government is so messed up.

Here is what I think went down the day of the vote…

Speaker: All those in favor of passing the Health care bill raise your hand

Harry Reid: (looking around the room nervously counting the number of hands raised and seeing which “cool kids” raised their hands too)

Speaker: All those in favor of not passing the Health Care Bill raise your hand

Harry Reid: (nervously doing the math in his head, noticing the “cooler” kids seemed to be voting against the bill) “I” says Harry, loudly and proudly.

Heckler in the cabinet: Oh man, he did it again

Harry Reid: Opps, I did it again I actually meant to raise my hand for yes, NOT NO…really look around the room the cooler funnier people voted yes so it must be the right thing to do, right? Yes, I vote yes, Not NO…oh wait, what? (looking nervously at Nancy Pelosi) how do I vote again…I don’t know…the pressure!

And that, my friends, is how I think the Bill got passed. Not because it was right, because I don't think anyone even knows what is right. But because it’s what all the “cool kids” in Congress were doing and Harry was afraid he would get his ass kicked in the sandbox by Pelosi if he didn’t vote her way.

And quite honestly, who can blame him…I wouldn’t want to come across Pelosi in a sandbox either.

And that, my friends, is how I see our government working!


  1. Stopping through from SITS. I've wondered about this bill myself but I'm not one to discuss politics. I think that may be the problem though, if more people understood it and wanted to discuss it maybe this kind of stuff wouldn't happen. But hindsight is 50/50.

  2. The best thing about the new health care bill, as I see it, is that kids can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26. And no more of those nasty insurance companies rejecting someone because of a "pre-existing" condition. I know, I live in DC, so I'm a political "nerd," but the repubs must get a LOT of political cash from the insurance companies. They just yelled a little TOO loudly on this one! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Spring Break Siesta

  3. I agree. Anytime the powers that be pass anything that they are exempt from...I tend to question it. Plus, this is FAR from bi-partisan. Not a single Republican voted FOR this! That should tell us something! Oh, I heard on MSNBC that 65% of the country was AGAINST this bill...mainly because we know NOTHING of what's in it. I wasn't asked either, so who knows where this number comes from!



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