Monday, November 29, 2010

To ink or not to ink

In my almost forty years, I have never seriously thought about getting a tattoo. When I was married, my Ex told me if I ever got a tattoo he would divorce me. At the time, I knew he was kind of kidding, but I could still sense the seriousness in his statement.

But for some reason, I think I need one now.

Do I have to tell you how much I LOVE tattoos on men! A tattoo on the chest is sexy… oh so sexy! And an arm sleeve, humana...humana...humana, that really gets my blood pumping. Although I like this dramatic statement on men, this is not the kind of tattoo I am considering.

In fact, as few as six months ago I would have adamantly denied the thought of getting a tattoo. But lately, I’m feeling like I need a reminder of sorts as to how far I have come in my journey to living the life I want and I know that I deserve. You see, I am in a season of challenge right now in my life, and I really feel like this subtle reminder, in times of stress, is something that could help get me through.

And heck, I’m already divorced so what’s holding me back, right?

It’s not like I want an arm sleeve or a tattoo running down the side of my neck that says “woooowhoooo look at me”. Oh no, I want something oh so subtle, something that anyone could notice if they were observant, but nothing that you could, let’s say, see from the google earth camera without zooming in on.

I want something that represents me in a sense, something that says courage, strength and beauty all in one, because those three words are the words that have stuck with me throughout my journey. Every day I get up and I praise myself with a silent reminder of these words.

COURAGE: this is what it takes to pick up the pieces of the hand, that I have no control over but have been dealt

STRENGTH: this is what I need every day to not take two steps back with every step forward

BEAUTY: this is what my ex ripped away from me and I have struggled so hard to get back. I promised myself that I would never lose this again.

My problem is this. Once I get this tattoo, I am telling my kids that I think tattoos are ok. As adults, I think tattoos are ok, but as kids and teenagers, I’m not a huge fan.

Maybe I will get it and not tell them.

This will give them the opportunity to be observant.

But something inside me tells me they may never notice it.

Because they both have eyes like their dad, and sometimes can’t see what is right in front of them.


  1. You crack me up...they do have eyes just like their father...subtle girl...very subtle.

  2. I have two: a small cupid above my right ankle and one that says "FREEDOM" on my left arm. My son also has tattoos but I wouldn't let him get them until his 18th birthday. I think you should go for it.

  3. I say go for it ! I have 4 tattoos but you would never know it because I put them where only I or my husband can see them. They each mean something very special. I didn't get my first one until I was 27. My daughter knows I have them and why I do, of course I would kill her if she got one before she was 25.

  4. I say "INK" ... if they notice just tell them it was like getting a million shots and was the WORST pain ever!! If they are like my kids, the word "shot" will be all it would take (at least for 10 yrs or so). My husband turns 40 on friday and he is getting his first tatoo — our family crest on his arm. Pretty cool. Go for it!!

  5. Some free advice (worth what you paid for it): think really hard about this decision. Don't do it on a whim. And think really hard about WHAT you get. I got a tatoo when I was 18, didn't put much thought into it (I literally said, hey I like roses. I like butterflies. Why don't I get a rose and a butterfly??). Well guess what? I really don't like roses that much. If I'd thought about it, I would have identified a much nicer flower. Still like butterflies, but not sure I like them enough to be on my back and called a tramp stamp. I wish I could go back and think harder about it and do it differently. I'm not saying you are as immature as I was at 18, I'm just saying it's a really important decision and I wouldn't make it lightly. OH, and don't believe those crazy people who say it doesn't hurt that bad. It hurt like hell!



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