Friday, November 26, 2010

Note to self Friday

: Girl…listen to your kids. They know how to relax and enjoy life.

Enjoy your world through their eyes, it will make everyday more special.

And this note to self is brought to you by this conversation that I had with Gibson, my seven year old.

Me: Gibson, what do you want for dinner?

Gibson: A peanut butter sandwich, please.

Me: Do you want jelly on it?

Gibson: Do you know why “Peanut Butter” are the funniest two words ever?

Me: No, why?

Gibson: well, first of all, it starts with “pee” you know like pee…do I have to explain that to you mom?

Me: No…

Gibson: then there is “nuts” you know, like the “family jewels” that Hamilton got nailed in at basketball the other day

Me: (rolling my eyes)

Gibson: then of course there is “butt”…I know you don’t want me to say that word, but you have to admit, it is funny...

Me: (giving a look of disapproval)

Gibson: (laughing hysterically)

Me: well, don’t keep me in suspense, why is the “er” so funny?

Gibson: Because that is what pirates say and what can be funnier than pirates talking about, pee, nuts, and butts?

I had to laugh!

How can you take life so seriously after this conversation?


  1. Funny kid!!!! And I heartily agree with your advice!! As I've always said (I have no idea who is responsible for this quote)..."The secret of life is to become like a child. Open your heart to the wonders of the world"

  2. Too funny! Never heard this before!

  3. That is a sort of geniusy, funny take on the whole topic. Little kids really are so refreshing, if we can get over ourselves long enough to recognize it.



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