Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uncomfortably comfortable

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to convince yourself that you are going to start your diet tomorrow when you are sitting on the couch fat and happy after a delicious meal? It’s this moment in my day that I often become my very own mental cheerleader. There is something about being uncomfortably comfortable that always makes me want to “start my diet tomorrow”. But then tomorrow comes and by 10am I have already blown it. And have somehow convinced myself that the next day will be the day I start.

I have this battle with myself almost every single day.

In one of these uncomfortably comfortable moments I even went so far as to advertise on my Facebook status that I was looking to borrow P90X from someone. I was shocked at the offers that came in. My friend, Kelly from high school sent me her copy right away. I got it two months ago, put it on top of my television and proceeded to stare at it every single night while I was in my uncomfortably comfortable stage.

Well, here it is Thursday and I’m already 4 days in to P90X. I’m loving it! It’s tough, but I feel so good when I’m done with a workout. And the best part is that I have not had one single moment of being uncomfortably comfortable.

Oh wait, I take that back…

Monday night after my workout, I did the unthinkable. I got my 9 year old, Hamilton out of bed at 9:30pm and told him that mommy needed a “favor”. He obliged…heck, he was just happy that he could stay up late…he didn’t care what the favor entailed. Quite frankly, I think he would have scrubbed toilets if it meant he didn’t have to be in bed.

That is until he realized what the “favor” was…

Yep, I solicited his help in taking my “before” pictures for the P90X program. He was completely mortified. I don’t know why…it was just me in a tank top and shorty shorts…what about that could possibly make a nine year old boy uncomfortable? Oh yeah, I’m his mom, I forgot!

Anyway, here is how our “photo shoot” went down…I’m not proud.

Me: Ham, this favor is very important. I wouldn’t have gotten you out of bed if I didn’t think you could handle the job.

Ham: What is it mom?

Me: Promise you won’t laugh?

Ham: Mom…come on, what is it?

Me: I need you to take some “before” pictures of me for my P90X program.

Ham: You’re not going to be naked, are you?

Me: No, what kind of mother do you think I am?

Ham: One that likes to run around naked in the mornings after you get out of the shower.

Me: Nice Ham, real nice Ham!

Ham: I’m just telling it like I see it.

Me: Don’t piss me off before we even get started.

Ham: Ok…but do I have to look while I am taking the pictures?

Me: How are you going to take the pictures if you aren’t looking?

Ham: Good point…

(first picture: me standing straight up tall in my shorty shorts against a blue wall)

Me: Ok…I’m ready

Ham: This is awkward…

Me: Just take the picture

(second picture: me standing straight up tall in my shorty shorts trying to show off my guns)

Me: Ok…I’m ready

Ham: Are you supposed to have muscles?

Me: No it’s the beginning of the program…just take the picture

Ham: You have a lot of work ahead of you if you want to look like you have muscles

Me: Just take the picture

Ham: This is awkward…

(third & final picture: me standing sideways in my shorty shorts)

Me: Ok…I’m ready

Ham: You may want to suck in your gut

Me: (trying not to sob uncontrollably) just take the picture Hamilton

Ham: This is awkward

Again, I’m not proud. I’m a single mom, which also means I am the family photographer. I’m never in any pictures unless I beg someone to take them. And never again will I beg my 9 year old son to take another picture of me…

Lesson learned!


  1. Heh... sounds like it's time for a tripod and self-timer :) Poor Hamilton ;-)

  2. Famous last words: This is awkward.


  3. That is awesome! Your sweet son will remember that little episode for the rest of his life.

    Good for you for bustin it to the P90X. Loved this post, 'cause it is sooooo true of me every single day. And i actually work out most days. But that stupid sugar FORCES me to eat it, and a lot of it. And the BREAD, oh it's just conniving and evil. Le Sigh, maybe someday I'll pull it together.

  4. Good for you for getting back on the wagon! And LOL @ this post. Your son is awesome :)

  5. Haha. I LOVE before photos. They're the only photos you get to actually make yourself look as fat as possible and feel good about it!

    Single Dad Laughing

  6. ROFL!!!! Too funny! I have a buddy who would have said, "epic fail" after every shot. That's his version of "this is awkward".

    I can so visualize this a few years from now with me and my youngest ::snort:: Don't think I'll let that happen!

    AWESOME job on 4 days down! P90x kicks butt!!

  7. LOVED this post!! You kill me. Congrats BIG TIME on doing the P90X!!! I'm totally impressed. I hope you'll post the before and after photos when you're a skinny bitch. ;-)

  8. I love your description of uncomfortably comfortable. I know it! Ive done it! And if only I could be U.C. and still look good.
    And I would totally do the same thing with either one of my kids.
    I found your blog on a single mom link on Blog Frog. :) Keep up the good P90X work!

  9. Your son is gonna love reading this post someday! Thanks for the morning laugh! Good for you!!

  10. Hi! Anne from SoMo! Love it, love it! Hope the P90X works out for ya and hopefully Ham is not scarred for life. Ha, ha!

  11. That is hysterical ! I tried to have my daughter do the same thing (because I wasn't having my husband do it, for obvious reason) and all she could do was laugh. So good for you for asking and taking the pics. Good luck Julie and no hurry sending it back ! Kelly



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