Friday, August 6, 2010

Top Ten Friday

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Friday where I break it down.

Today's topic du jour is a doozey! So put on your seat belts and hang on for the ride. I'm gonna put it out there like no other! Oh yeah, no sugar coating this puppy! Today I am going to share with you the Top Ten suspicions that your non-boyfriend, boyfriend is involved in an inappropriate relationship with a married woman.

Oh yeah not only happens in Hollywood ala LeAnn happens in our neighborhoods, right under our noses every day.

You're welcome!

10. On your second date he casually brings up the "married woman's" name in a conversation that ends up consuming your entire meal.
READ: He is fishing to see if you know her or not because he has figured out that your kids and her kids attend the same school.

9. When you bring her name up in a conversation and tell him that his "friendship" with the "married woman" concerns you (mostly because her husband has absolutely no clue that they are friends) his response is, "I don't know what the future holds."
READ: He is keeping his options open.

8. He responds to her text messages while the two of you are out on dates.
READ: He is lying to her and letting her know immediately that he is doing something other than having dinner with you. And he is lying to you telling you that it is actually his son who is texting him.

7. When you ask him exactly what his relationship is with said "married woman" he says, "we talk on the phone every once in a while and grab coffee when we can." And then when you ask him what he tells said "married woman" about your relationship with him, he says "we talk on the phone once in a while and grab coffee when we can."
READ: He is such an idiot if he thinks I am falling for this crap!

6. When he creates the pattern in your relationship of smothering the crap out of you with constant phone calls, text messages and dates and then you don't hear from him for days at a time because he is "so busy"
READ: He works the "married woman" into his schedule when she is available and only uses you, your time, and your kids when he is bored and lonely.

5. He can't plan ahead more than an hour or two and blames it on his work schedule and busy schedule with his son.
READ: He needs to be available to the "married woman" and her last minute schedule openings.

4. He avoids you like the plague when you tell him that you have something you need to talk to him about, but it's to personal to discuss in public.
READ: He knows I am catching onto his bullshit

3. When you ask him, on more than one occasion, why he took an unexpected, last minute trip to Chicago (where the married woman works a few days a month) after being gone for two long weeks on a business trip, and he quickly changes the subject each and every time.
READ: He is totally freaking out that I am to smart for his lies and have actually figured out his bullshit.

2. When he invites you to dinner on a Saturday night and tells you that his divorce is finally official and thanks you profusely for "coaching" him the last several months.
READ: He is finally free to pursue the married woman and only used you to fill the lonely gaps in his life the past several months.

And the number one suspicion that your non-boyfriend, boyfriend is involved in an inappropriate relationship with a married woman...

1. When you call him out on his shit and you never hear from him again.


  1. You're spot on - and I hate that for you!

    You know...I wish my ex husband could read some of your posts. I think they would be beneficial...if he could allow them to sink into that thick skull of his and linger longer than a nano second.


    Sorry he was such an ass to you my dear! You deserve WAY better!

  2. What an assbag! I say good riddance!!
    Now, let's work on finding a boyfriend-boyfriend! ;-)

  3. Man, while I am sorry to hear that you had to suffer through another lying male, I am impressed with perceptive mind.

  4. What an idiot. It will all come back to him. Keep at it though. There has to be some good men out there!



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