Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vaginal Firewall Protection?

I came across an online article this week announcing Germany’s rival to the iPad. They call it the WePad. I’m not sure about the differences or why Germany thinks it's better, but it definitely got me thinking about the naming of technology.

Obviously the name iPad was created by a group of men. I guarantee there wasn’t one woman included in that meeting!

Anywho…I realized, after very little thought, that I could probably come up with at least ten equally bad names for the iPad.

So here is today's top ten list list of my favorite alternative names for iPad

10. iHuhPad

9. iWhywouldanyonewantobuyagiantiphonePad

8. iSuckerPad

7. iWTFPad

6. iOwePad

5. iPadYeahApple

4. iWhatPad

3. iCanlookatpornanytimeiwantPad

2. iAmcompensatingformysmallpenisPad

And my number one favorite alternative name for the iPad is…

1. iSeriouslyneedtorunthtenamesthroughafocusgroupfirstPad

But wait…the fun doesn’t stop here. Check out this video HERE that the good folks at MadTV put together a year or so ago when they first heard about the iPad. I promise you will laugh so hard you cry while watching this video…


  1. Haha! I like all of your names. They're hilarious. My favorite one is number 3. Sadly, that is so true. Stopping by from SITS. Congrats on your spotlight day! :)

  2. LOL I like the title of your post best. Straight talking! First time visitor, came by to say Happy SITS day. Enjoying reading through your blog so far :-)

  3. LOL! It is an unfortunate name but I still want one.



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