Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beep Beep...the birthday train is coming through

This is my dad.

Today he is 68.

Today he is enjoying the greatest gift of all.

Peace and quiet

Because Hamilton, Gibson and I are here…

…enjoying the last days of Spring Break.

But just because we aren’t under the same roof as him on his birthday doesn’t mean we don’t want to celebrate him.

My dad is AWESOME! He is a gentle man with a heart of gold. He has a sharp mind and a quick wit. He is a great dad and an even better “Papa” to Hamilton and Gibson.

From the moment my ex walked out on us, my dad has stepped up to the plate and picked up the pieces. (Hello, EX, you owe him BIG TIME for this!)

He is more than just a Papa to Hamilton and Gibson. He is their role model. He is the one who teaches them to love unconditionally and to have a heart for those that aren’t as privileged as us. He is the one who teaches them about compassion and giving more than receiving. He is the one they turn to when they need to talk to someone other than their mean old mom. He is the one Hamilton and Gibson count on being at every game, at every school performance and there every time they skin a knee.

When Papa isn’t there, it’s not a good day.

In fact, in my house, when I get home from work I often hear things like, “papa’s home…oops, I mean, mommies home,” or “hey papa, I mean mommy, can I have a snack?” My kids are so wired to go to my dad first to fulfill their needs that I often get hurt feelings. But I know how important it is for my boys to have a good male role model, so I swallow my pride and know that I couldn’t think of a better man for them to turn to.

My dad is a great story teller. His stories are often funny and exaggerated, but cherished none the less.

He is one of the most compassionate people I know and I am grateful to have gotten that quality from him. In the days that my mom was sick I had never seen a better caregiver. He gave up everything for her, not because he had to, but because he wanted to, just like he did for me in my time of need. He saw me hurting and gave up his life as he knew it, to be a support to us.

I believe that my dad would say the true measure of a man is in the way he treats others. He has showed me, by example, that you treat people with compassion, kindness and a gentle hand.

And in an effort to show him how much that example has meant to me and my kids…we got the hell outta dodge for the evening to let him enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty house.

You’re welcome Dad!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! Nothing is as sweet as family! Stopping by from SITS.

  2. Happy B-Day Dad .... Mark



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