Friday, April 23, 2010

Top Ten Friday

Has going green become more of a trend than a solution?

I guess I ask this question because so many of my friends sent out Happy Earth Day messages yesterday that suggested we all “do our part” to make this world more green. But when I ask what I can do to become more green, I’m never given any solutions beyond reusable grocery bags and special light bulbs.

I’m willing to do my part but to me there is nothing more irritating than people who are hypocrites when it comes to “going green”. Especially those Hollywood types that drive their little Prius’ and then fly first class all around the world on Commercial or Private Jets. Really? Is that really helping our carbon footprint?

I could go on for pages about this topic, but instead I will just share with you the Top Ten Reasons why I struggle to go Green!

*best if read with a hint, oh who am I kidding, a ton of sarcasm.

10. Unplug Electronics- ok, but if I do that how will my kids eat…You that know me, know that if it weren’t for microwaves, my kids would starve.

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by unplugging electronics.

9. Take the bus- I’m more than willing to take the bus to work, but in order to get to the nearest stop from my house I would have to actually drive past my office. So I guess my boss can take this post as my “call in to work” free pass. There just isn’t a “green” way to get to work. So "sorry Mrs. Boss but from here on out I will be working from home”.

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by taking the bus.

8. Wash clothes in cold water. I don’t know about you guys, but this grosses me out. Are clothes really clean without hot water? I’m ok with the jeans and sweaters in cold, but the underwear, sheets, towels and socks…that’s just plain disgusting!

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint with laundry.

7. Exchange CD’s and DVD’s instead of buying new ones. Question…what do I do if I illegally download all of my stuff? I’m not saying I do, just asking “for a friend”…

Sorry I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by exchanging CD’s and DVD’s.

6. Buy used electronics- I guess if I had anything but a microwave, this might be ok. Trust me, my kids would love to have a used Wii, or Xbox, or stereo for that matter, but those are just luxuries we don’t have in our house. Maybe I will send this suggestion on to their dad, his house makes up for our lack of in this area.

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by purchasing used electronics.

5. Take shorter showers. Whoever said this obviously doesn’t have a 9 year old boy in their house who either just discovered that long showers are relaxing or that they..ahem.. “feel” good. If it’s the “feel good” part, I don’t want to know. This is me ignoring that statement by plugging my ears and singing “la la la la” at the top of my lungs. I can’t hear you so you must not be talking about why my son likes long showers…

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by taking shorter showers.

4. Borrow from libraries. This may be good for some, but I have had a book checked out from the library since my senior year in High School. If I went back now I would owe thousands of dollars…my bank account cannot handle this form of being green.

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by checking books out from the library.

3. Make your own cleaning products. Heck, I can’t even manage to make a home made meal for my kids, what makes you think I will be able to make cleaning products…pffft…

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by making my own cleaning supplies.

2. Hang my clothes out to dry. Uhhh, I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate my lingerie blowing all across their backyards. Hey, don’t judge, I’m a single mom with needs.

Sorry, I will not be lowering my carbon footprint by making my own cleaning supplies.

1. Purchase reusable cloth shopping bags. Now this, I can handle. I have actually done this. Woot! Woot! My question to you is this, how do I go shopping without sweating and wondering if the cashier is going to think that I stole their reusable bags every time I go to the store?

Sorry Earth! I’m trying, I really am…you know I love you!


  1. I have a mixed bag of reusable bags. All from different grocery stores. I always feel judged in the check out line.

  2. Some suggestions to your GREAT top ten (Letterman should be jealous!)

    10. Due agree--I just started unplugging those that I don't use everyday, which wasn't many!

    9. Totally with you on this one! I teach and my school is one mile from my house. I thought about riding one of the 5 school buses that come by my house, but they won't let me do that! I thought about walking each day, but you should see the crazies that drive that road!! I'll keep driving my '87 gas hog!

    8. Now this one I grew up doing. The only thing we wash in hot is underware and my husbands greasy clothes (mechanic). I wash my sheets in warm water and only in hot 3 or 4 times a year or when there's an outbreak of MRSA (read my blog). Use a good detergent and if it is powder but it in before the clothes as the water is filling the washer. Tyr baking soda (read blog).

    7. and 6. Totally agree! "just for a friend"

    5. I grew up on well water and my daddy use to cut the hot water off if you stayed in the shower longer than 5 minutes--yep, 5 minutes! I learned how to shave my legs in the sink! I still have problems with my Hubby and kids taking longer than 10 minutes in the shower. I'm known as the "water witch". Draw your own conclusions....

    4. I'm with you on this one too! I'm waiting on an amnesty day!

    3. My way of getting around this one is to use steamers--floor and handheld. This is the best thing I have ever done! Check out my blog for my take on steaming! Best environmentally friendly thing you'll do!

    2. I would forget to bring them in. My kids would be going outside to get clothes to wear!

    1. I am a relgious woman about cloth bags!! I hate plastic bags! Not only because of the bad environmental problem, but because those blasted things rip with me all the time! Besides, I have found I can put twice as much in my cloth bags and not have to worry about ripping!! And besides, who cares what the cashier thinks--their there to "service" you, so they should be glad to do anything you want!!

    I think you're doing your part just by blogging and not wasting paper!!

  3. The cold water thing ::shudder:: I just don't feel clean unless everything is practically boiled. My hands are always beet red after I wash them because I let the water get as hot as it possibly can. The thought of undies & towels not being washed in hot water just completely grosses me out!

    I too love my cloth shopping bags!!! I use them not only when I get groceries and such but they are awesome for throwing stuff in when you are running around all day - bag of pretzels, juice boxes, bananas for the boys...grab a bag and go. Love them!!

  4. This was hilarious! I'm like you - I want to do my part and I do a little (reusable grocery bags and that sort of thing). I was one of those that sent out a Happy Earth Day blog post but this one of yours just cracked me up!

  5. Your brother and I just got a free box of lightbulbs and other ecomomy/"green" goodies from TVA, just for sending an email, and we will be putting some of them into action ASAP. They came with several suggestions of how to lower your electric bill--which is quite a benefit to being "green".

  6. Oh, this is so funny!! Glad I found you on SITS. So well written! Yeah, anyone with a boy in the house is not likely to ask them to take shorter showers or wash their skidmarked underwear in cold water. :)

  7. Standing up and cheering! I also find it hard to go green for ALL the reasons you listed. I bought some shopping bags but they do no good when I leave them at home, every time!!! Sigh...

  8. You're right: it's very hard to do these things all the time. But we do what we can to play our part for Mother Earth. One thing I've learned is to keep extra cloth shopping bags EVERYWHERE: at work, in the car, on the door handle so you remember when you leave home... Also, if you purchase your coffee on the go in the morning, it helps to bring your own mug. It's the little things I find are the most helpful and easier to put into practice :)

    LOL, you know, I don't have any kids and never realized this about 9-year-old boys in the shower but this was recently mentioned on an episode of "Parenthood."

    I love your blog :) Thanks for stopping by mine and yes--single girls stick together!!

  9. Thanks for the laugh! Very funny!

  10. I'm right there with you sista! And so true about the cold water thing! They clearly do not have kids that play baseball or know anything about the red clay in NC! I did buy some cute reusable sandwich bags that are made of cute fabric & velcro. You just throw them in the washer ... but someone at school told my son it was gross... I guess ziplocs probably are more sanitary!

  11. OK, so unlike me, you and Kermit both say it's not easy being green. :)
    While I don't really think much about being Green and I hate bandwagon living I'm going to cross market with you if you'll graciously allow me to.,

    The best thing I love that you really should open your eyes to is what I call the "rich man's bookstore", aka the Library. It's not so much the "greenliness" of the book ghetto, as much as it's like RedBox, Napster & Barnes & Nobles all in one. OH yeah, and it's Free!!!!! That's my 33 cents:)

    I'm Green especially when it saves me some. Right????

  12. #5 ROFLMAO!!!!!
    #8 I have had a discussion about this in my home, where hubby does most of the laundry (don't hate me, girls). Apparently, he likes water hot as well. But I am of the understanding that the detergent they make these days actually works better when you use cold water. Don't know this as fact, just had read it somewhere.
    #1 Bought the if I can just remember to bring them into the store when I go AND remember to put them back in the car when I HAVE used them!!!

  13. A SoMo girl here ... My blog partner turned me on to your site. So glad I read this ... love to hear others speak "realistically" esp about the efforts or lack thereof of "saving the planet!" Bravo!!


  14. I am right there with you. Hot water in the laundry is a necessary evil. I fear I fail in being green on a daily basis. No, I'd say an hourly basis. I gave up a long time ago.



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