Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let me drop some knowledge on you

Have you seen these?

Maybe you don't recognize them in that particular form. Here is a close up of a couple...

Still nothing? Still don't recognize them?

What about now? Do you recognize them now?

No no, not the adorable boys, but the “silly bands” on their wrists…

Have these hit your neck of the woods yet? If not look out, Silly Bands are on their way. The goal is to collect as many as possible, wear them all at once, and then trade them with your best friends. We are currently on the hunt for the wizard hat.

Apparently it is the “rarest” of all silly bands.

Either that or it’s my kids ploy to get me to drive them all over God’s country to find it, hoping that once we find it we will be so excited and buy it, no questions asked.

Yeah, I’m easy, I’m a sucker when it comes to this kind of stuff for my kids. Why, you may ask?

Because when I was growing up my parents were always the kind of parents I swore as a kid I would never be, but hoped as an adult I would be strong enough to be. They were the kind of parents that didn’t buy into the silly fads that changed monthly, sometimes weekly. They resisted, no matter how much we begged.

You see, I always wanted one of these…

But somehow ended up with one of these...

I also wanted one of these

So my mom went out into the yard, found a large rock and glued a couple of eyes on it that she had stashed away in an old craft box. I was mortified.

It was that moment as a child that I swore I wouldn’t do that to my kids. As I got older and actually became a mom, I also swore I wouldn’t give in to these silly things. But in the last six months we have somehow managed to purchase (2) phiten necklaces, umpteen Japanese erasers, and about 50 million silly bands, all because of a promise I made to myself as a kid.

Now I’m off to buy Barbies Dream House, a couple of trapper keepers, one papa smurf doll, lace fingerless gloves, a pair of Roos, and (1) brightly colored feathered roach clip…for my hair people, for my hair!


  1. I had never heard of silly bands until recently. They are the rage where my sister lives in AL but have not hit here in Jacksonville, NC yet. My parents sent my kids some so that they could be some of the first to have them and right now, they are about the only ones who have them!

  2. I just saw a thing... an ad, or maybe even the product itself recently. Really? Animal/whatever shaped jelly bracelets? Whatever happened to the old school jellies?? All the wild colors, etc.

    MAN. Those were THE DAYS!

  3. This just reminded me of those slap bracelets I was so into back in "the day"...and the roach clip?? ::snort:: I remember those - for the hair...and other things...hehe...

  4. OMG. I'm totally cracking up right now... not just about the silly bands (which I too, have been to 30 million stores in the past 3 days tracking them down), but also about the phiten neclaces (got some), papa smurf doll (had it), feathered roach clips (had about 30 pinned all over my canopy bed long ago & never new what they were for... until I got to college... then I laughed at my parents)

  5. I was the kid that always had to have all the silly fad things. My parents always bought into it, so I feel like I need to do the same for my kids. Can't deprive them of the silly bands, right? What kind of mother would I be?

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  7. I just saw a child at the ball game with these on! My kids haven't quite discovered them yet. Thankfully... =)

  8. I remember jellies. My thing was a stupid denim purse that all the girls had. From Bacon's department store. Instead I got a lecture about fads and money from my mom. Eventually I got the purse. Too late to be cool anymore. I made the same vow. So one day I'll be doing the same shopping!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. I haven't heard of Silly Bands...yet. Hopefully this just passes right by my 7 year old. I give in way more than I should, because I too remember how much I wanted a Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank stickers.

  10. So funny you posted this because they have just recently {well at least to me} become pretty big around where I am! My little brothers and sisters have quite a few but they haven't gotten into it full swing yet...I guess we'll see!

  11. Here from SITS - great blog. I'm just now hearing about these Japanese Easers...more.learn.more :-)

  12. Thanks for filling me in...I have been wondering what those were when I saw them advertised, but now I know, and it makes so much sense...Sounds like fun!! ;o)

  13. I have never seen those bracelet things...please don't show my daughter she will want them too!! LOL!! I just discovered your blog thorough SITS and ill defiantly be back. Im a single mom too so I know where your coming from!! Ill be back!!

  14. Ok...seen the bands, but my little one tried to eat one in the store so big brother didn't get to get silly bands. He said I was the worst mom.

    Can I ship him to you until the little gets married?

    P.S. I'm going to Toys-R-Us and getting all the play dough stuff I couldn't have as a kid!!

  15. I just asked my 11 year old if she knew what silly bands were and she said no. I guess they haven't made it to Kansas yet.

  16. This made me laugh! I don't mind fads that are inexpensive, like this one. I was that kid like you that never had the cool stuff!
    My high school SON loves these silly bands, they are all the rage even in the high schools! Crazy!



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