Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whoa...pump the brakes negative Nancy

I know I have mentioned this in some of my past posts, but I have to talk about this issue one last time. My issue...I hate the word hate. The descriptive nature of this word is very strong. I try not to use it but sometimes it just slips out. In fact, I have become so aware of how much I use this word that I am going to start (after this post today) being better about not using it so much. But in order to do this I need an outlet to get the word out of my system. So, one last time, I am going to focus on this ugly word and then move on and never use it again! Ok...I can't promise I won't say it again or not talk about these things anymore, but I will try! So here goes, the top 25 things I hate:

25. I hate it when people turn on their cell phones as soon as their airplane touches down at the airport. Seriously, I wonder how we ever left an airplane without checking our messages first.

24. I hate being called to speak in front of a group of people without being warned in advance. The whole "imagine the people in their underwear" theory...yeah, it doesn't work for me.

23. I hate people who talk shit about other people, and then suddenly become sensitive when someone talks shit about them.

22. I hate girls who ditch their girlfriends once they have a boyfriend.

21. I hate being bombarded with pictures of Suri Cruise in the media. Seriously people, I don't care that you think she is the cutest dressed celebrity child...I have seen cuter!

20. I hate girls who snag guys (crushes in particular)from me, right out from under my nose even though they are completely aware of my feelings towards said crush.

19. I hate Disney's recent version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey...what were they thinking? It was not one of their best!

18. I hate John Mayer. As a singer, he is ok, but as a sex symbol? Come on people...that makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little!

17. I hate people who think they know it all and try to tell me I am wrong just because I don't agree with something they said.

16. I hate people who perpetuate gossip because I don't like gossip.

15. I hate...no wait, I like...ok, I hate...on a good day I like...no, I definitely hate...ok, if I were being honest, I like that I am sometimes not strong enough when it comes to my ex.

14. I hate people that don't stick up for their friends.

13. I hate "yes men"!

12. I hate working on Saturday's. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I hate it!

11. I hate being lied to because it is a subtle reminder that I wasn't worth the truth.

10. I hate when people beg you for your friendship and then once they get it, they forget about you.

9. I hate immature boys!

8. I hate hypocrites! But more than that, I hate when I catch myself being a hypocrite!

7. I hate Parks and Recreation...I love a lot of the character actors in it, but hate the show...it's just not funny!

6. I hate that my crush got married a couple of weekends ago.

5. I hate people who post shirtless pictures of themselves online.

4. I hate people who have "done everything" that you have done only they have done it better than you.

3. I hate when people don't respond to a text message within a decent amount of time...come on people...it's almost 2010...

2. I hate being judged by those in my church.

1. I hate top 25 lists!

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