Friday, November 20, 2009

Top Ten Friday

Welcome to another edition of Top 10 Friday, where I break it down! ...You're welcome!

Top 10 things I have learned from my guy friends

10. You CAN get busted for making out in a car even when you are in your 30's and 40's.

9. Single men in their late 30's and early 40's are often LESS mature than 18 year old boys.

8. You can NOT jump in the air and land in the splits on the dance floor without doing some serious damage to your body.

7. How to pee standing up without getting any pee on me.

6. I have enough friends and pen pals and don't need any "text buddies".

5. I don't like foot massages.

4. The worst thing about being lied to is knowing that I wasn't worth the truth.

3. I sometimes talk in my sleep...apparently it is kind of cute.

2. I should get my tires checked BEFORE the first big winter storm of the season.

And the #1 thing I have learned from my guy friends is...

1. A wingman is more important to a single guy than the friendship of a great girl.


  1. Stopping by from SITS.

    I'm still working on #7. And I've mastered #3.

  2. Isn't #9 so disappointing?! Cute list.

    Visiting from Sits.



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