Friday, November 13, 2009

Peanut butter, it's what fills the cracks of the heart

Things that make me smile:

Having a bed to call my own in a house of my own, the space to share my thoughts and feelings and not be criticized, a text message out of the blue from someone that I would never expect, hearing someone snoring in the middle of the night, receiving a valentine from someone that I though forgot about me, seeing a news story that brings me to tears of joy, a vodka and soda with a splash of tonic and extra lime, a freshly made bed, cherry pie, being awakened every morning by the warm breath of my boys, the feel of a brand new pair of jeans, my awesome friends, God, someone who remembers that I don't like mushrooms, the Internet, the option of going into work late, a good blog post, an apology, Thursday night television, the first lick of a tootsie pop, finding love letters from my ex's, Ryan Reynolds, cars with airbags that work, a warm shower on a cold morning, community, Chris Cornell in concert, the first beautiful day of Spring, the first beautiful day of Fall, when my ex tells me that my butt looks good in my jeans, sledding in the winter with my kids, dinner with my girlfriends, a good movie, a Sunday with no plans, getting my child support check, beautiful scarves, motorcycle boots, coming home to a clean house, hearing my kids teachers talk about how awesome my kids are, watching my kids play sports, a new car, Popsicles, live music, hearing my kids giggle, freshly cut grass, a new camera, happy accidents, swinging high on a swing set, thunderstorms, a hammock on a beautiful day, when my friends laugh at my jokes, New Years Eve countdown, waking up early in the morning and realizing you can lay in bed for a little while longer, falling asleep next to somebody, being barefoot in green grass, artwork created by my kids, bonfires on a cool night, a healthy home cooked meal, sudden inspiration to write something, people watching, driving with the sunroof open and the air conditioning on, sleeping with the windows open on a cool night, bubble wrap, sleeping under the stars, reading my friends blogs...and on and on and on...

Life is good!

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