Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If “ifs” and “buts” were candy canes and nuts then every day would be Christmas Day

You know what I hate? I hate it when people contradict themselves. It drives me absolutely batty! But do you know what I hate even more than people who contradict themselves? I hate it even more when I contradict myself…and I do it all of the time! I mean it’s crazy how much I do it. I have somehow become a constant contradiction of myself.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean…

I love to compliment people, but struggle to accept compliments that people give me.

I love the feel of being close to someone I love, but I hate to spoon.

Winter is my least favorite time of the year, but I absolutely love wearing hats, scarves, and my cool motorcycle boots.

I could eat raw carrots and celery all day long, but I hate to eat them cooked.

I love the idea of buying a dog for my kids, but hate the idea of taking care of the dog.

Alcohol does not sit well with my stomach, but I absolutely refuse to give up drinking adult beverages.

I love taking care of other people, but I struggle when it comes time for people to take care of me.

I think it”s important to stand up for yourself and ask for what you want, however, most days I can’t seem to do this for myself.

I love reading but can’t seem to finish a book.

I love tootsie pops, but I am not a huge fan of sweets.

I love the way I feel after a good workout but hate working out.

I hate it when people break up and stay friends, but I fight everyday to be better friends with my ex-husband.

I hate changing the sheets on my bed, but love nothing more that slipping into a freshly made bed.

I love to hear my kids scream and giggle with joy, yet I hate taking them to the one place that evokes that reaction in them…the park.

I want nothing more than to be married to someone who loves me for me, but I hate, and I mean HATE, the process of dating!

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