Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't hate the player, hate the game

One of the most stressful parts about the Thanksgiving holiday is projecting forward into the future that we call Christmas. Because the week of Thanksgiving is one of the only times each year that my entire family is together we tend to discuss our “wish lists” for the giving of gifts more than anything else. I know, it defeats the purpose of the Thanksgiving holiday, but it is what it is. I don’t argue with the process.

The toughest part of obtaining this “wish list” from family members is the one I struggle to get from my dad each year, because he is the guy that always says “surprise me” when asked for his wish list. However, this year was much different…he had a list…thank you Jesus! No more struggling with what to buy the guy who doesn’t ever want anything! But never fear, there was still one in the group, that tried to be bad ass and not come up with a list…and this year it happened to be my friend, let’s call him “I’m easy to shop for”. Here is how our conversation went.

Me: Hey, “I’m easy to shop for”, what do you want for Christmas?

I’m easy to shop for: Oh, I don’t know. You are always good at getting me the perfect gift. I’m sure I will be happy with whatever you get me.

Me: Ok, how about a gift card from In and Out?

I’m easy to shop for: What is In and Out? I’ve never heard of it.

Me: In and Out Burgers

I’m easy to shop for: But we don’t have one in Indy do we?

Me: No, but there is one in Phoenix, Arizona. You could just purchase an airline ticket for about $400, fly out there on a 3 ½ hour flight, grab a burger and come right back. $400 and an 8 hour round trip, could be fun! It would be worth it because In and Out Burgers are sooooooo good” ( I say with a “how you like me now smirk” on my face).

I’m easy to shop for: Ok that sounds awesome! (damn he has seen through me and is going to play my game)I needed a good reason to go back to Phoenix. And I have never had an In and Out burger. But, you know I don’t like to travel alone, so I would only go if you went with me.

Me: But I’m on a diet

I’m easy to shop for: No, but you like fountain drinks and I’m sure they have a soda machine. Besides, wouldn’t you feel bad not being there to see me appreciate the gift you so thoughtfully gave me?

Score: I’m easy to shop for: 1
Me: a big fat ZERO!

Doooohhhhhhh! So the moral to the story is…never stoop to the level of your obnoxious friends! Give your gifts from the heart! And certainly never ever try to outwit the guy who can outwit everyone!

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