Friday, April 8, 2011


One of the things I don’t think I do enough of on this blog is write about me (read with sarcasm).

Kidding of course, that’s all I do, right?

According to all of the cool bloggers in the bloggersphere, there is currently a craze about posting random facts about oneself on Twitter in 140 words or less. And since I’m not on Twitter, this is the only outlet I can use to partake in this cool craze.

And I know you are all dying to know more about me. Who am I to keep you from your wants and needs, right?


1. I don’t like liver.

2. The only bone that I have ever broken is my pinky finger on my right hand.

3. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

4. Some days I still wish I could have another child.

5. I recently broke up with my therapist. Don’t worry, we left on good terms.

6. I’m a people person and working in an office by myself on a daily basis depresses me.

7. I love my friends dearly, but most days I don’t feel like a good friend in return.

8. I have a twin brother.

9. I am horrible about asking for help.

10. I hate cats and it is a definite deal breaker in a relationship.

11. I’m not a big dessert person, but I could be addicted to carrot cake if I had no impulse control.

12. I hate being alone, but it’s a reality I think I will have to come to terms with.

13. No matter what I do in life, I always hold on to the one thought that I know will get me through, and that is “I’m going to be alright.”

14. I enjoy a good steak even though I could go without meat for the rest of my life.

15. I believe in old fashioned romance, no matter the time or place, I still believe a man should always pursue a woman and not visa versa.

16. I hate the word pleather.

17. I need a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night in order to function properly.

18. I constantly worry about my future.

19. I weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. when I was born, that is the only accurate weight of myself that I will ever share publicly.

20. I cry easily.

21. I read InStyle Magazine…every page…every word…every month. I love it! It’s my bible.

22. I want to take golf lessons…but I need new clubs first.

23. I hate talking on the phone.

24. I could buy jeans every day.

25. I have no tolerance for lying.

26. I love getting flowers “just because”.

27. I went on a date last week with a guy who kept calling me Julia…I never corrected him.

28. I cannot whistle.

29. I’m afraid of waking up one day and not having any memories of my mom.

30. My favorite writer is Malcolm Gladwell…he’s the only reason I subscribe to the New Yorker.

31. I don’t hold grudges.

32. I took 4 years of German in high school. I don’t remember anything. I want to take German again.

33. I can carry on a conversation with anyone.

34. My toilet paper rolls off the top.

35. When I’m wrong, I admit I’m wrong.

36. Clowns scare the crap out of me.

37. I cannot throw a Frisbee.

38. My first concert as a kid was Hall & Oats…yeah, I’m not proud!

39. My dad took me and my brothers to see the movie Porky’s…we were in elementary school.

40. I think I have adult onset ADHD when it comes to relationships…I’m currently working on that.

41. I wish I had more money so I could go back to school and get my college degree.

42. I once went to Hawaii with a guy who didn’t like the ocean.

43. I once drove a 4 and 6 year old to Florida by myself. We stopped to pee once in 13 hours.

44. I take random drives every once in a while to help me relax.

45. I’m very protective of my kids.

46. I tend to over think things.

47. I’m a processor.

48. I’m a sucker for boys that I know aren’t good for me.

49. I’m extremely body conscious…in a negative way. I’m working on it.

50. I think it would be awesome if Anthony Hopkins could narrate my life…it might be more exciting.

51. I’ve never read a Harry Potter book. I have never seen the movies either.

52. I wish I had a job in the fashion industry.

53. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor.

54. I like it when people compliment me on what I am wearing.

55. I’m a news junkie

56. For me, waking up in the morning is a process, not an event.

57. I believe in all of the things that people today don’t believe in, you know, like love, God, peace, happiness, and grace.

58. I am VERY stubborn.

59. I wish someone would fight for me for a change.

60. I met my best friend when we were in 4th grade…we are still close.

61. I could live on cheese and crackers every day.

62. I used to love to read, but since the invention of the Internet, a book doesn’t hold my attention anymore.

63. I was born in Appleton, Wisconsin

64. I have run (1) half marathon and swore I would never do it again…so far I have stuck to that promise to myself.

65. It once took my brother and I 20 minutes to catch a mouse in a 5 foot by 5 foot bathroom. He is 6’2 and I am 5’7…it was a tight squeeze. We were sweating our asses off.

66. My son hates gym…he’s 10 and very athletic, but according to his teacher his flexibility needs work. Seriously?

67. I once dated a boy that I babysat. Relax I was 36 at the time and he was 29.

68. I often get compliments on my smile. I don’t like my smile.

69. I have secrets that I’m not sharing here.

70. I love being in love…even though it’s only happened twice in my life.

71. I love celebrity gossip magazines.

72. I can’t stand the fact that someone like Lady Gaga is a role model for our kids

73. I think I might be addicted to Quaker Oatmeal Squares.

74. I love to write.

75. I hate dancing at clubs, but I love to make fun of those that do.

76. When I’m not in a relationship, I miss kissing the most.

77. The first thing I notice in a man is his height…I know this makes me a looser!

78. I hate first dates. I’ve only been on one really good one in my 40 years.

79. My favorite superhero is Green Lantern, but it’s only because Ryan Reynolds is playing him on the big screen.

80. My favorite band is KISS

81. I love taking naps.

82. I love cuddling up on the couch with someone special and watching a movie.

83. I don’t know how to refer to my ex-mother-in-law. I love her dearly and hate putting the “ex” in front of the endearment.

84. My high school graduating class had 872 seniors.

85. My favorite chore is…oh who am I kidding, I hate chores.

86. I love being a mom

87. I’m addicted to Pandora

88. More often than not I make decisions with my heart instead of my head.

89. I want to be in a relationship with someone who takes being in a relationship with me seriously.

90. I am the kind of girl that roles with the punches.

91. My kids think I am awesome.

92. I love to laugh. I must do it every day.

93. Sometimes I think I am too nice to people.

94. I am afraid to fly, but I don’t let that fear keep me from going anywhere.

95. I sometimes talk to myself.

96. I think I am currently experiencing a mid life crisis.

97. I need a vacation.

98. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Hawaii.

99. My favorite color is red.

100. I am currently learning to love myself!


  1. You know I love you!

  2. Can definitely relate to a few of these. Great intro for a new follower such as myself. Looking forward to reading more! :)

  3. Liver, bleah! You might not be so sure of your good friend-ness, but you sound like someone who'd make a great friend :)

  4. Seriously girl... are we living parallel lives here???
    I became a follower a while back... but haven't been here in a while to read - back logged, you know?

    I TOTALLY agree with 90% of your statements, but #83, 59, 57, 88, 89 hit WAY close to home!

    Glad to know I have a kindred soul out there in the world :)



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