Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If I were still married, today would have been my 14th wedding anniversary.

This thought makes me sad. Not because I miss my Ex, but because I like the idea of being married.

I like the idea of being a family unit.

I like having someone in my life to share in the ups and downs.

I like knowing that no matter how my day is, I can count on my spouse to give me a hug or a high five.

I like having a cheerleader on my side.

I like having someone to share my funny stories with.

I like the idea of hanging with my best friend every day.

I like the idea of knowing I have someone that would challenge me to be the best me I can be.

I like knowing I have someone to grow old with.

I like knowing that I have someone who will listen to me and reason with me.

I like knowing I have a friend that I don’t have to explain things to…he just gets me.

I like having someone to ride life’s roller coaster with.

I like knowing that we don’t always have to speak to understand each other.

I like having someone to snuggle up to at night and wake up next to in the mornings.

I like the companionship and unwavering support.

I like having someone that makes me feel safe.

I like the feeling of being needed by someone else.

If only...


  1. Right there with ya, Sista, right there with ya...

  2. Ahhh, I hear this. There are many times when I feel these exact emotions, lately especially, but I try to fill the gaps as much as possible. Good friends/wonderful family are amazing when you need this kind of emotional support. Of course, nothing beats having someone to share the bed with...

  3. I feel the loss of these things everyday. Hopefully one day they will happen...



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