Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mr. Smiles A lot

So I had a date last night.

It’s the 2nd date I have been on since ending my relationship with Mr. Perfect for Me a couple of months ago. Oh, wait…I guess it was my third date, if you count this one that I talked about last week.

I wasn’t all that excited about the date. Why, you might ask?

Well for starters…he reminded me of my cousin. I informed him of that during one of our many conversations.

Mr. Smiles A lot: So what is it about me that first caught your attention?

Me: You looked like my cousin. I wanted to look at your picture to see if it was him.

Mr. Smiles A lot: and do I look like him?

Me: Yes, very much.

Mr. Smiles A lot: So what’s his name?

Me: Chip

Mr. Smiles A lot:(reaching out to shake my hand) Hello Julie, you can call me Chip.

Me: (suddenly sick to my stomach at the perverted thought of dating my cousin)

After that comment, I ordered another drink. And then…this conversation came about…

Mr. Smiles A lot: I like your shoes

Me: Thanks! I don’t really wear high heels to work so I like to wear them when I go out.

Mr. Smiles A lot: They are awful pointy

Me: I know that’s why I like them

Mr. Smiles A lot: I only to wear high heels around the house. Ha Ha

Me: (suddenly sick to my stomach at the perverted thought of him prancing around his house in heels)

Yeah, by that time I had had enough, I decided to forgo the third drink and call it a night.

Can you blame me?



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