Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am staring at you, you're hot

I can't believe how much flack I have gotten over my most recent Top Ten Friday post. You know the one about the Hot Hollywood Dads. In fact, I got so much flack that I thought a post justyfing my number one pick is so much more important that recapping the yawnfest that is the Bachelorette.

The number of emails I got regarding Ed Burns being my number one pick for Hollywoods Hottest Dads was overwhelming. Many of you thought that Matt Damon should have been number one. I agree, and that is why he made it in the top three...hey, not everyone can be number one, right? But, bottom line, it's my blog and Ed Burns is and will always be number one in my eyes.

Well at least until Ryan Reynolds has my babies...and when that happens, he will obviously be my number one pick. Sorry Ed! But I felt like I needed to lay that out there right now so when that day comes, no feelings are hurt.

Now on to the important stuff...why Ed Burns?

My answer...HELLO, why not?

In fact, I am so convinced that Ed Burns and I would be perfect for each other, that if our paths crossed and he wasn't married, we would totally date. And after much research, here is how I came up with that conclusion...

He is a fun loving guy who loves to play guitar...and we all know I'm a sucker for a guitar player.

He has an err of confidence about him...see, his movie poster even says that. Already, I'm smitten.

He is a hard worker...and looks good while doing it. Serisously people, this is a no brainer.

Obviously he is a great dad...

And has a beautiful smile...

Looks good in flannel...

And facial hair...

But this is the one...this is the one that does it for me...clearly he cleans up well and that is a beautiful thing in my eyes.


  1. I have no issue with you picking him as #1! He is a hottie!

    Stopping by from SITS. :)

  2. Oh he is a beautiful man, that's for sure!

    However....Matt Damon.....he's always my #1.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I like how you have a follow up post about it. :-) You make me smile!

  4. He's not my choice, but this isn't my blog! My number one choice would be George Clooney. He's not a dad? Still my number one choice! LOL!

  5. Eddie Burns is cool. Very easy on the eyes. Guitar players are fun to hang out with, but don't ever, ever date one. You've been warned.

  6. I missed your post - been busy lately and haven't been able to go back and read all of the ones I follow from last couple of weeks...so I will have to go read this post for sure to see who else is on your list.

    THAT said - TOTALLY agree! He is HOT!!!!!

  7. Oh yeah....he's hot!!! (how did I miss the post with you talking about him? I gotta go back and look!!). You know what you're talkin' about! And you know HOT!

  8. *swoon*

    He is beautiful. I have no qualms over your pick. I would have definitely picked him over Matt Damon.

    Hands down.

  9. Ummmmmm.... you don't have to convince me, sista! He's on my "island"... (I'll explain my island to you in private!) ha!



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