Friday, June 18, 2010

Top Ten Friday

Girls, girls, girls. You are in for a treat today!

I’m so excited you have decided to stop by my blog. If this is your first visit, I hope this post entices you to come back and visit in the future…if not, your blind!

I’m just saying.

Welcome to this weeks edition of Top Ten Friday where we celebrate Hollywood’s Top Ten 10 Hottest dads.

No need to thank me. You deserve this.


10. Brett Michaels

Is it just me or has he become sexier in light of his recent health issues? To me there is nothing sexier than a man who finally (no matter how old he is) realizes that being a good dad is sexier than the rock star image.

9. Gavin Rossdale

He is definitely a good combination of rocker and dad…this man has it figured it out and that is sexy!

8. Robert Downey Jr.

Ok…I will admit he has had his moments, but boy did he clean up and make a fabulous comeback. I don’t know if his Ironman character is anything like he is in real life, but if he is…I’m totally in love with his personality too.

7. Ben Affleck

I like to consider him an all around good dad. He seems like the ideal husband who has figured out the perfect balance between work and family.

6. David Beckham

Need I say more…this man’s body is a wonderland!

5. Gabriel Aubry

Aka: Mr. Halle Berry, I’m sure he gets sick of that but the two of them sure do make beautiful babies

4. Matt Damon

Another one that I like to relate to his movie character. Something about the idea of him being anything remotely close to Jason Bourne is so sexy…am I right ladies?

3. Patrick Dempsey

Dr. McDreamy…needs no more explanation

2. Hugh Jackman

I know he took lots of flack for his role in Australia opposite Nicole Kidman, but he was so hot, I didn’t even notice his acting.

And my number one pick for Hollywoods Hottest Dad...

1. Ed Burns

This was my first crush, before Ryan Reynolds. In case that picture did nothing for you, this one will…

Holy Sausages Batman! Now that’s a sexy dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all you lucky dads out there! May your weekend be filled with empty promises of good behavior from your kids…

On a side note…this guy was going to make my Top 10 Hot Hollywood Dad’s list until I saw this picture of him.

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t include a 30 year old Justin Beiber look alike on my list…sorry ladies!


  1. Thanks for the pics! They were beautiful.

  2. Yum...absolutely. One of the best Top 10 lists so far.

  3. Great list! Except? Matt Damon should TOTALLY be #1!

  4. Thank you for bringing Ed Burns to the top of my list! :-) Great post!!!!

  5. I totally had a dream about hugh jackman last night. involved him being a soccer dad and I was missing my pants.

  6. Bit embarrassed to admit this...I'm not sure who some of those guys are! :p

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