Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's not to like

I like people:who are interested in the answers I give to the questions they ask, who put things back where they belong after they are done using them,who don't judge, who give me a task and trust that I will complete it, who notice the little things, who appreciate a good woman when they see one, who value the meaning of family, who give more than they receive, who know that true friendship is a two way street and not a one way path, who like to laugh, who love to love, who are open to change in their lives, who see the good in people and acknowledge it, who help the needy and poor, who love God above all others, who can laugh at themselves, who are compassionate, who make me feel special,wanted and needed, who follow their dreams, who set goals and strive for them, who take risks for love, who love kids, who are strong, who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and others, who are beautiful on the inside, who understand the importance of family, who understand that live is about the little things, who aren't afraid to express their feelings, who aren't afraid of their emotions, who genuinely want to get to know me...the real me, who can make me smile, who make me feel safe, who aren't afraid to tell the truth.


  1. This is an increidlbe list. So well thought out, so beautifully put!

  2. Perfectly said...and no doubt it mirrors what most of us feel! I love it when someone reaches in my head and puts what they find into words!!! You did just that!

  3. Meeeeee, tooooo.

    *Be Blissful Always*



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