Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project Love: Day 14

Valentine's Day is for lovers

For those of you who are single and hating this day with all its happy couples and romance, for those of you who are feeling like there is a big red sign above you that says “hello, I’m single”, and for those of you that want the rest of the world to remember not everyone is happily married, engaged or in a relationship…

...I say, Happy...umm…Sunday?

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  1. It's funny. I was at church yesterday and it seemed like I would through the day without too much V-Day fanfare. Though the choir was supposed to wear pink and brown, yet I was the only of three wearing pink. Well, it's about time too leave when roses are being passed out to the women. I am not saying that it should not happen, but what about the guys? And I am not talking about a toolset! I understand that women are supposed to feel special this day, but last time I checked, there are two people in the relationship. Praise God for my little sister for calling me to be her Valentine, but it would be interesting to see some balance here. I do not need a bouquet of flowers, but if that is how you are led, so be it.



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