Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flaunting is for the birds

Starting my posts with “I hate…” is not something I enjoy doing, but lately I’ve been doing it quite often.

So today I am going to start my post with this…

Do you know what I love?

I love when people donate to charities. I love when people help out those in need. I love when people do whatever they can to help better the lives of others.

I try to give and donate when I can, but as a single mom who often lives paycheck to paycheck it gets tough. So more often than not, I donate my time and talent more than I do my money. And I usually feel good when I’m done.

I know there are tons of people out there that have millions and millions of dollars and give a ton of it away. It always makes me happy when that happens.

To the contrary though, I hate when they are extravagent to the other extreme. You know like when a celebrity couple spends $25 million dollars on a 10 bedroom mansion…what do they need a house that size for when it’s just the two of them? Or when someone like Paris Hilton spends thousands and thousands of dollars a day on useless items, like jewelry and clothes for her dog.

And this….this is one of my biggest pet peeves…

This is a picture of the 20.5 carat engagement ring that Kris Humprhies just gave to Kim Kardashian.


Is this extravagance really necessary?

My question is this, what business does a 26year old have buying a 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring for a cool 2.5 million dollars for his 30 year old fiancé that he has only known a little over 6 months?

What is this world coming to when we have people in Joplin, MO who have lost their homes and can’t seem to keep their heads above water and Kim Kardashian is wearing 2.5 million dollars worth of jewelry…on her ring finger?

Quite frankly…IT DISGUSTS ME!

I feel sorry for Kris Humphries. Why you may ask? Well, in my mind an engagement ring is the “promise” of things to come. And if he is already purchasing something that extravagant this early on in their relationship, then I am of the opinion that he will never ever be able to keep her happy!

Poor fella!

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