Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day can suck it

Since I’ve been a mom, Mother’s Day has never been a favorite holiday of mine. But since I’ve been divorced Mother’s Day has become my least favorite holiday of the year.

Why. you might ask?

Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday.

Sunday’s are days that my kids always spend with their dad.

My mom passed away 11 years ago, so that in itself makes Mother’s Day difficult.

My dad will be in Florida visiting his brother.

My twin brother will be in Washington DC chaperoning a field trip.

My older brother lives in TN.

My friends are either spending the day with their kids or their moms.

So, you see, I got nothing on Mother’s Day!

My kids, friends and mom are all unavailable.

Thank God I still have a very unorganized closet calling my name.


  1. When my son was younger, he was also always with his dad on Sunday/Mother's Day. I always used the time alone to do all my flower planting. I would make a whole day of it, cleaning up the yard and all my flower pots, etc., then planting flats and flats of flowers. It kept my mind off the fact that I missed my baby, and by the time he came home, my house looked gorgeous. :)

    My birthday is on Mother's Day this year, as it is every six years, so they both kinda cancel each other out and become non-events, which is kinda nice. I'm hoping to do a whole lot of nothing!

  2. If it helps....Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I would think that maybe you could work it out that YOU have them on that Sunday... I mean, it only happens ONCE a year, right?

    But I agree, Mother's Day just ISN'T the same...



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