Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nothing...that's what I've been missing

Have you ever spent time dreaming about the things you don’t have but wish you did? Do you ever find yourself envious of what those around you have? I’m not gonna lie, I have. In fact, I think that way a lot.

That is until today!

Today, for some reason, I woke up and thought “Holy crap…I have it…I have it all”

For some of you, this realization of mine may piss you off, because I know there is a little part of you that loves the self loathing I do here in my blog. Never fear my friends, there is more of that to come! I promise!

But I feel like I must acknowledge what is right in front of my face.

I woke up today, put my feet on the floor, in my bedroom, in my house…that I own.

I woke up to two awesome kids, who love ME, who were excited to see ME, who count on ME…every day, no matter what.

The clothes I picked out the night before, fit great and looked exactly as I had imagined them to look before I went to bed.

I had a great hair day.

There was hardly any traffic on my way in this morning which put me ahead of schedule for the day.

I have money in my bank account and am able to pay my bills in full and on time each month.

I work for two awesome men who regularly ask me how I am, how I’m doing and if they can make any changes to make my life easier.

I have AWESOME friends! Ones that always know what I need…and usually it’s just a laugh.

I have a job that I love that offers me great health insurance, a 401K plan for my future, and the ability to put a roof over my head and food on the table.

I have the ability to say what I want to say, practice the religion I want to practice, and be who I want to be on a daily basis.

Today, I couldn’t ask for another thing! Today, I appreciate my life! Today, I want nothing more!

Tomorrow, I hope for the same.



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