Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Ten Friday

Sorry people...Top Ten Friday will have to wait yet again.

Not because I'm in a funk.

Not because I'm stressed.

Not because it's hot outside.

But for the only valid reason a girl has to not post...and that is the fact that my Ry Ry boy got hurt on the set of this film.

...And I did what any stalker/care-giver would do. I dropped everything to be by his side and kiss his boo-boo.

Ok...he seemed a little shocked when I showed up with flowers and balloons in my sexiest lingerie. But he sent his friends or "body guards" as he likes to call them to take me to this nice little room in the basement of his house. While I must say, it's not a very inviting room, it only has a cement bench and a toilet with no walls for privacy. But there are a few other people here that I am getting to know well. Oh...did I tell you that this room also has bars on one wall and we even have our own body guard that unlocks the door to come and get Ry Ry's visitors one by one. I can only assume that they come and get us as he is up for visitors...

I will let you know as soon as it is my turn.

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