Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flattery will get you everywhere

Over the past year I decided that if I was going to take my life seriously, then I was going to have to focus on my life 100%. So last summer I unofficially took myself off of the dating market. I decided I didn’t need the distraction. And it worked! I was able to really focus on me and the lives of my kids.

For once, it was a very refreshing time in my life.

Sure, I missed the companionship, but the recent companionship of my non-boyfriend, boyfriend took care of that…for a while anyway. Until, of course, I realized that that particular friendship was so one sided, high maintenance and gave me nothing in return. I know that that sounds selfish, but when you enter into relationships of any kind with someone who is too damaged to give back in return you get frustrated about relationships in general.

That’s why when “The Cute Electrician” came along 6 weeks ago, he was a welcomed breath of fresh air in my life. You see, the day before I met the Cute Electrician my non-boyfriend, boyfriend had encouraged me to get out and date. I wasn’t really that excited about the idea, it’s not like I was going to go out on the prowl and start looking for the perfect man. But when the Cute Electrician came along, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After all, he had the absolute best pick up line I had heard in all my years of dating.

I had gone to the hardware store one day on my lunch hour. Our offices had just moved and I needed to get some shelves to hold the inventory that had been shoved in a corner office at our old complex. As I was looking at the shelves, I noticed the Cute Electrician out of the corner of my eye. He came over and stood next to me and started looking at shelves too.

Yeah, I was checking him out…he was tall and fit, with salt and pepper, short, wavy hair…totally my type. So when he picked me up with the following conversation, I was totally smitten…

The Cute Electrician: “So, you’re looking at shelves?”

Me: “yes”

Short 30 second pause…

Me: “So, you’re looking at shelves too?”

The Cute Electrician: “Nope…” (smiling ever so cutely)


There was an instant ease of conversation that overcame us. He was funny with a quick wit and a bit sarcastic (which I LOVE!). We hit it off immediately, and made plans to get together that weekend. He called me that night and we talked for hours. I liked who he was and who he wanted to become. So when we met a couple of days later to hit a bucket of golf balls and have lunch it was no surprise when he greeted me with a kiss…a nice, warm, oh so sweet hello kiss.

Over the next few weeks we went out on several dates. My favorite date by far was on a Saturday. I was just wrapping up 4 days of intense meetings at work. He left me a message in the morning that said nothing more than this, “Hey…I know you are stressed and have had a rough week, so I am picking you up at six…no questions asked, just be ready to have fun with me, your Cute Electrician.”

I loved this!

Any guy that could recognize the fact that I needed a break, took the initiative to plan something fun, and didn’t take no for an answer was a winner in my book. Too bad I knew he was too good to be true. But, as promised, we had a blast…a little Tom Petty and a late night picnic in the park under the stars…all planned by him…One of the best dates I have ever been on…actually, probably THE best date I had ever been on.

He was just the type of guy I was looking for, except for the fact that he and his fiancĂ© (of five years) had only been separated for 4 months. I instantly knew our “relationship” wasn’t going to go anywhere, but his company was a great distraction at the time and I enjoyed being in his presence. I was careful from the beginning not to let my heart get involved. Because I knew it would eventually end.

And it did…his fiancĂ© realized that he was a good catch and wanted to rekindle what they had.

I wasn’t hurt, it was expected.

If anything, he made me realize that there are awesome guys out there that are capable of being a co-partner in a fantastic relationship. It has definitely encouraged me to not give up on friendships, dating and searching for Mr. Right.

Thank you Cute Electrician!


  1. Okay can I live vicariously through you for awhile? Been married 20 and LOVE my hubby but sometimes miss that heart pounding excitement of the first date. Glad you did not get your heart broken.

  2. Oh, how sweet/bittersweet! I, too, am glad your heart wasn't broken. And that really is the best pickup line I've ever heard. I agree with Linda...we'll live the "hot love" life thru you!!! I'd also like to say, thank you Cute Electrician.

  3. Way cool! It happened for me when I stopped looking and I took my profiles of the dating sites months ago. I am miserable to be eight hours away, but our calls, emails and texts have been very encouraging. Remember what I said about letting go and exposing yourself. You will be totally blessed!

  4. What a cute pick up line....and the date sounds like it was perfect. Glad you didn't get a broken heart over the Cute Electrician.

  5. I admire the fact that you saw it for what it was from the beginning and you allowed yourself to have a good time. Good for you!

  6. I LOVE this! I'm picturing a Nicholas Sparks movie on this! Good for you for appreciating it for what it was. Don't you wish we were that smart back in the early days of dating in high school???



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